Monday, June 8, 2009

Puttin' on the Ritz

About a year ago, my three bff's kBm, kMl, dSc and I went to Key Biscayne, Florida for our "Senior Trip". Usually every senior class goes to somewhere like Myrtle Beach or some place like that and rent a couple of houses. However, our parents were not so keen on that idea, so we decided that the 4 of us would go on a nice vacation. kMl's parents had just bought a condo on the beach and we thought it'd be perfect to go there for a week and soak up the sun right before prom! That was around a year ago. While we were there, it just so happened that the condo we were staying in was literally next door to the Ritz Carlton (in the picture, in the background you can actually see the complex we were in, it's the one that has the slanted architecture). Can you imagine how excited we were!? The first day, we walked down the beach to the Ritz and had lunch and a few drinks. Apparently, the staff didn't realize we weren't even highschool graduates at the time... But, anyways, we had the best lunch of our lives. Literally, a year later, it is still the best lunch of my life. We ate at the casual restaurant that only required a coverup and sandals. We had the chicken salad wrap and on the side, it comes with guacamole. You think that those two things are just standard easy to make things, but let me tell you, they were to die for! The reason I am telling you all about this little adventure of ours is 1. becuase you MUST go to the Ritz and experience the food I am talking about and 2. Last night I was with my three bff's and we re-created a drink that we had there that was delicious! It was kind of like a frozen lemonade and Grey Goose. They were just like the Ritzs'. We lounged by kMl's pool (which is gorgeous) and had drinks and chatted about everyone's school year. It was so nice to have a gorgeous night, poolside with my favorite people.

Today I lifeguarded and I was getting rather bored and to my surprise, bRc showed up! I was so so surprised and happy to see him. So he sat with me for a while. How thoughtful of him!

Tonight I may be going to see The Hangover with kMl, kBm, and dSc. I feel like all of my posts are about movies, everyone must think I am a movie fanatic! But, it just happens that this is like a once in a lifetime thing were I see three movies within a week's time. I go months without seeing a movie in theatres and that really is alright with me. I want to say that The Hangover looks dumb, but bRc saw it last night with his friends and said it was hilarious, so I'll post tomorrow from my opinion on how it went. It seems more of a guy movie to me anyway.

I am in the market to buy a new watch. I have not yet revealed to the blogging world that I am absolutely obsessed with watches. I have so many, and for and holiday or birthday, I always seem to be asking for a watch. I don't really go for the inexpensive ones either. While I do wish I could have this:It's the Tag Heuer Carrera. Isn't it wonderful! This is just not in my college girl budget! But, I am willing to spend a couple hundred dollars on a new watch, does anyone have any favorite brands of watches that are trust worthy and nice quality that will last for years to come? I would love for you to share your ideas! I currently own a Breitling watch which is absolutely amazing, it has a PINK mother of pearl face, how could any preppy not adore it! I also have 2 Klaus Kobec's (a switzerland brand, which you should google, great prices on well made timepieces), a Kenneth Cole, and an Invicta.
Tonight I also went to Sam's Club. I think it may be regional, I really have no idea though. It's like Costco, if you know what that is. Well, I found this awesome short sleeve ivory color pique Ralph Lauren shirt for a steal at $12. They had many different colors to choose from and with the pink RL in script initialing who could pass it up! It is so comfortable! So if you live near a Sam's club, go and get yourself one!I hope you all have a marvelous Monday!


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Gwen said...

You must see The Hangover. It is hillarious!!! We've all been talking about it for days!!! XOXO


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