Wednesday, July 29, 2009

August Rush, Marshalls finds, and SYTYCD

I have always thought that Kerri Russel is one of the prettiest women in Hollywood, when August Rush came out, I had no idea she was in it and bRc took me to see it. Those of you that have seen it, I'm sure can agree with me that it was a fantastic movie.Those of you that haven't seen it, you must! It makes it even better than Kerri Russel is in it! Does anyone else think Kerri Russel is just drop dead gorgeous? The reason I bring this up is because last night I was with a few of my girlfriends re-watching this movie and some of them thought she was pretty and some of them thought I was insane. I realize beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I just can't see anyone not jealous of her looks! Another reason why I absolutely love this movie so much is because of Jonathan Rhys Meyers. He is a total stud. I never really noticed him before August Rush, but he is now up there on my Hot Man list (no, I don't actually have one written down, but it's in my head!) And that accent and singing voice, well that is just icing on the cake. Those of you that have seen it, check out the soundtrack, I've had it for a while now, and it is so good.

Last night I also went to Marshalls. They had such great stuff including Ralph Lauren, French Connection, I spotted one Lilly thing that wasn't my size, and they had some gorgeous shoes. They are also having a clearance so I suggest anyone to stop in and check it out because I got so much stuff for under $50 (a dress, a scarf, and a sweater).Has anyone been watching So You Think You Can Dance? I haven't really been watching but last night my girlfriends caught me up on it, and they showed me this amazing dance;

I absolutely love the song. It's called "If It Kills Me" by Jason Mraz. It's a really beautiful dance, and is about two best friends that fall in love with each other.

Another dance that I also love:

It's kind of creepy, but the dancers do such a great job. Is anyone else hooked on this show? I know I am now, but I like to DVR this show so I can fast forward and rewind through the good dances and bad.

Also, great news for me! The VV Steelers tote is on their website! They have added a bunch of new NFL teams, so if they didn't have your favorite team, go on over and check, they might have yours now. The totes are only $95 which I think is a great buy. I can't wait to carry my bag proudly at school where there are few Steelers fans.

I hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday! I'm off to bRc's because he is going to cook me a home made grilled pizza. I'll have pictures and more to come!



Mrs. C said...

Hey thanks for stopping by! I love your blog! New blog buds for sure.

I also love Kerri Russel and think she's gorgeous. She has natural beauty and I think that's what I like best. She's not "done up", fake or anything like that.

I haven't been to Marshall's in a few months. Last time I was there I got a kick a$$ pair of peep toes. Great buys!

I also love SYTYCD - I watch it religiously. Well my DVR catches it and then I watch it!

Lauren said...

Oh, honey, thanks so much for visiting my blog. You are beautiful and I love your style! I'm definitely taking tips!

...and I love, love Kerri Russel! I often google her to check out her style, etc. (along with Rachel Bilson and Mandy Moore--long hair era)! :)

A Zeta, huh? I was a Pi Phi and still have sooo many wonderful friendships!

I'm putting you on my daily reads! :)

Perambulations through Pittsbrugh said...

That is cool! I'm actually not quite in Pittsburgh yet--Im moving there this Saturday! Anything I should know? And I love that VV tote! I was considering getting one with the Pirates!

Kappa Prep said...

I LOVE your purple sweater, what a fabulous find!

The Pink Tutu said...

I love So you think you can dance! It is one of my favorite shows!! There have been some great dances. My favorite dancer was Katelin, but she was eliminated a couple weeks ago. Looks like you found some great things at Marshalls!

Caroline said...

ahhh i love the Vineyard Vine bag, now I have to check if they have a penguin one! enjoy that pizza!!

Jules said...

I have never seen August Rush and I will definitely have to check that out. I really like Kerri Russel too. I loved her in Waitress.

The purple sweater from Marshall's is so cute and it looks like you got some great things.

I am obsessed with SYTYCD and agree that the 2 dances you posted were amazing. I have been watching since the first season and it keeps getting better and better. I was bummed that my favorite girl got voted off last week, but I really think that all of them are so talented.

Kerry said...

The Marshalls near my house never seems to have any Lilly, although they did have a fabulous pair of Jack Rogers in my size! Enjoy the pizza- just the thought of that makes me hungry!!

C in VA said...

I think Kerri's bone structure is amazing.
And SYTYCD? It's an event in my house ( my little sister is a dancer) and sometimes if someone we like gets kicked off, we all have a pity party haha.

BRD said...

I totally agree about Kerri Russell - she's very pretty!

I need to head to Marshall's asap - I hope the one by my house is as good as yours!

--DC Prep

Lily G. said...

I love Kerri Russell too and great clips of SYTYCD!!

Kate said...

I LOVE kerri russell. Felicity is my fav show!

How did I not know about the NFL VV totes?? Go STEELERS!

OceanDreams said...

I love Jason Mraz! He is the best...oh and August Rush is such a wonderful movie. Honesty, I think Kerri is beautiful just because she is so simple and lovely. The soundtrack is amazing, you are so right! Wonderful shopping finds!

P.S. I gave an award! :)

Little Pink Magnolia said...

So weird - I watched August Rush for the first time last night! And yes, Kerri Russel is gorgeous. Loove your Marshall's finds!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I do NOT miss SYTYCD! I love that show! Now, I'm not thrilled about it moving to the fall season, but that's just because I have so many things to watch in the fall and none in the summer.

Anonymous said...

Love your VV Steeler's tote! I bought a Georgia Tech one recently, I love it!

Prissy Southern Prep said...

Wow, it looks like you got some cute stuff at Marshall's! Love the vv tote as well!

Nikki Cogg said...

Jonathan Rys Meyers is definitely on my hot man list! I first saw him in "Match Point" with Scarlette Johanssen (my husband's dream girl even though he won't admit it). The movie is by Woody Allen and it was strange but pretty good. Anyway, he's definitely a hottie! I'm a SYTYCD fan and I've been watching since the beginning- there have been some awesome dances this year!! I highly recommend checking out Randi and Evan's dance to "Koop Island Blues" choreographed by the amazing Mia Michaels. By far one of my favorites!! Have a great day!


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