Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Catch Up

I'm doing a little thing called catch up today. Today I caught up on sleep, finally! Then I headed to the mall to check out a Lands End jacket at Sears to see if it was nice. I wanted to get this jacket. It's a kids jacket and only $40 and I know it will fit me. I wanted to get one for school that I could take out with me at night and didn't have to worry if I spilled on in it, lost it, etc. However, even this jacket I wouldn't buy. I have always loved Lands End for the great quality they have for such an inexpensive price. I'm really glad I didn't order this jacket; it feels so synthetic, and so cheap, that I just couldn't bring my self to purchase it. I mean I'm not one to even complain about poor quality becuase many a times, I have shopped at forever21. So beware, if any of you were going to buy this jacket for yourself or for your little ones, do not, the qualtiy is VERY poor! So on that note, if anyone has a recommendation where I can find a somewhat heavy fleece jacket for under $60, I would appreciate it. I already have several north face fleeces, and lots of nice and heavy jackets, but if I were to ruin any of them I would just cry!

I also finally got my brand new watch fitted!! I am so happy and so excited about it. As I said in previous posts, it's a men's watch, and I know that's weird, but I love it. It's two tone and somewhat sporty, so I'll be able to wear it as an every day watch!What do you think? bRc thinks it's very odd that I bought a men's watch (but inside I think he's really jealous!) My dad seemed to think it was a cool idea, and my mom tried it on and said she didn't like it becuase it was so heavy. It is heavy, but I really love it.

I stopped into J.Crew and didn't really see anything that wowed me. They didn't have their fall stuff in store which I thought was really odd. Has that happened to anyone else?

I also got my class schedule all worked out. Usually we register for classes in April for the fall semester, and I did, but my registration date was so late that I couldn't even register for a fifth class. It was awful and I had to contact the registrar's office and a ton of teachers to see if I could get into a fifth class but no one seemed to want to help me out! Well, yesterday was the start of open registration and boy did I get SO lucky. My schedule is absolutely perfect. I really couldn't ask for a better schedule! On Fridays I only have one class at 12:20 and it goes until 1:10. Yay!

Bad news (well for me). Last night I was trying on some pairs of my jeans to see which ones I wanted to have monogrammed and I was trying on my absolute favorite pair of 7s, and they wouldn't zipper. Now I know that I work out at school almost 5 days a week for over an hour, but in the summer I tend to get lazy and not work out as much. I also over indulge in things I don't eat at school such as ice cream sundaes. My 7s have always been my tightest pair of jeans, and I only wear them when I don't mind being very uncomfortable being vacuumed packed into my jeans, but I couldn't get them to zip. With that said, I am going on a very strict, no ice cream, no treats policy, and doing sit ups every single night before bed. No excuses. If anyone out there has any weight loss tips other than exercise moderately and watch what you eat, I'd love to hear them.

I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!!


Rachel said...

Cute watch! I prefer mens watches over womens watches. They are cuter. And I like the large face of the watch.

I wouldn't worry about the jeans! This fall I'm sure you'll fit right back into them! :)

JMW said...

I've always liked men's watches as well - I like the larger face and a more bold look of a larger watch. Thanks for offering some input on the Greenbrier. I'm pretty sure that's where we're going. We've heard amazing things about it and it sounds like you had a wonderful time there. So, glad to have input from someone who has stayed there. Thanks!

*L* said...

Dealing with class schedules and the dumb registrar's office was one of my LEAST favorite things about college. I am glad it worked out well for you though!

Don't stress too much about the jeans, once you get back into a routine at school I am sure they will fit again...they can be inspiration :)

Kelly said...

great watch!!! good for you, having your own style even when people don't like it :)

i admire that!

Allison said...

Oh girl, I know what you mean about the jeans. I fear the scale and putting on jeans I haven't worn in a while. Wait until you're older. :(
Ali works really well for my friend. She takes 2 before she eats. Read about side effects though

Brunch at Saks said...

Oh I love your new watch!!! As for exercising, I have been doing the Slim in 6 DVD's from beachbody and they are fabulous! It's a 6 week program and you do 1 DVD for 2 weeks and then switch, finishing with having done all 3 DVD's. You will seriously notice a huge difference! I do them about 3-4 times a week for 35-40 min a time and I already have definition in my arms and tummy. Good luck girlie :) XOXO

Ambs said...

eddie bauer usually has come cute, cheap jackets like that! my town even has an outlet store!

Lily G. said...

I love that watch!

Kerry said...

Love the watch! I can also relate to your J. Crew disappointment. I went there about a week ago and purchased a polo and shorts on sale, but couldn't find much else. I usually have to restrain myself, but I've been noticing that the clothes are becoming more and more trendy!

As for the jeans, I have that happen to me all the time. I definitly wouldn't eliminate all treats, because I usually find that at some point I crack under pressure! I make sure to drink lots and lots of water and hike up the incline while I'm on the treadmill- Seriously, it will do wonders for your legs! Hope I helped!! :)

C in VA said...

Please don't take the Alli. I did a report on it and I would have to advise against it. In terms of other advice:
-Snack between meals. If you snack on fruit, make sure you have protein with it so your blood sugar doesn't spike and then fall (eg. Apple w/ peanut butter).
-Hungry? You might actually be thirsty. Try water before you eat something that's not a meal/planned snack.
-Try not to eat carbs past 10 pm. They are more likely to be stored as fat in the body.
Seriously though, don't worry. Once school starts back up you will be walking all over the place!

P.s. I love the watch. It's classic!

Polished Sense said...

I love that watch! Really am a big fan of big watch faces these days. Especially the look of a man's watch on a tiny woman wrist. So-hot!


Haven and Home said...


I came over here from another blog and I so glad I did! I sometimes buy childrens clothes too (even though I am 28) because they are cheap and will suffice for certain things.

Also, I am obsessed with watches. They have been my thing for many years and I would say 95% of the watches I own are mens. Every time I get one sized they think I am crazy but I just prefer big watches.

Headbands and Hand Bags said...

Thta watch is a beauty! I love that it is gold and silver, I need one with a little gold! I too am in a fight with J Crew, I might be checking back tonight though!

OceanDreams said...

Glad you got the watch fixed and that your schedule is the way you want it to be! Hmm, in regards to dieting, I love to run (well not really love but do it to stay fit) so that helps some. But...if you hate to exercise (not sure) it is best to eat lots of veggies and fruit. I know it is difficult but just don't buy the ice cream and junk, it really comes down to self control and knowing you will gain if you eat the crap, believe me I know. Also, having a girlfriend to keep you accountable also helps. ;)Good luck love! Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

I love the watch!! I like the style of men's usually better than the womens.

Anonymous said...

Registration was always really stressful at my college, too! I was lucky to be in the Arts and Sciences college, though, where it wasn't as bad. Out Business college's registration is just maddening!! I'm glad it worked out for you!


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