Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wedding Wishes

Like most girls, ever since I was young, I have dreamed about my wedding day. Of course I have everything all planned out and so many ideas, now all I need is to be about 7 years older and find a fiance! I really want a navy blue and white wedding with subtle touches of gold. I also want to have a June or July wedding, when all of the flowers and trees are in bloom and the sun is shining! The "theme" is nautical, but I don't want to dwell on really having a theme. I just want subtle nautical touches here and there. The only issue with the nautical theme is that at times it can come off too casual. I hope in the next 7 years, I can form my taste into elegance with a twist of nautical, because I often times feel like my ideas are far too casual for a wedding. Here are some ideas I've that I have! (all pictures have been found through google image search)I love love love the drama that this dress creates. It's elegant and princess like, but not in a tacky way.I am in LOVE with Portia DeRossi's wedding gown. I don't love the tu-tu like bottom, but the top is just so elegant; I love the open back.
I love the thin band on this ring.So pretty!
I am not big on flowers; I don't get too excited when I'm given flowers. Luckily most people know that about me, so I don't get flowers too often; although it is always the thought that counts. So for my wedding, I've dreamed of flowers in all whites. Mostly hydrangeas, but I think peonies are nice too. I want the centerpieces to be understated, with a large navy grosgrain ribbon tied in a bow around the vase. The centerpiece above is something I wouldn't mind too. It's pretty but it doesn't overwhelm the table.
I love this simple bouquet with the navy and white grosgrain. Instead of the starfish, I would put a gold pin with my monogram cut out.
I love Chiavari chairs. These will be perfect for the reception.

What was your favorite part of your wedding? Or what are your wedding dreams? Have a fabulous day!


hotchildinthecity said...

beautiful ideas! i want those chairs at my wedding too :)

Lulu in D.C. said...

Hire a fabulous band. Guests pay a lot to go to weddings, so make sure you provide the best entertainment! We splurged on our band and it was worth every penny! A year later, guests still tell us how much fun our wedding was.

Ashley said...

Wow, I could've written this post myself- I love those colors and rings...and dresses...and flowers, lol! I feel like the ideas I want for my wedding seem a bit too casual as well, but I want my wedding to be just navy and ivory, with an antique-southernish-garden theme (if that makes any sense, lol), with old blue mason jars hanging from tree branches with ivory candles in them, everything very simple. My friends and I recently decided that I will have a Kentucky Derby themed bachelorette party, lol, and I'm not even engaged yet. All my friends/ family are married, so it's like everyone is waiting on me and my boyfriend, haha, ugh, pressure!

mFw said...

I love weddings too and looking at dresses!

Tatum-LeTard said...

Such a cute post! The first ring is very similar to mine! I just started a wedding blog for my upcoming wedding... check it out! Have a great day!

Pink Champagne said...

You will have SO MUCH FUN planning your wedding! After dreaming about the day for as long as I can remember, it has been a dream making those ideas a reality. (I think I will still look at wedding pictures long after my wedding day has come and gone.)

***Positively Preppy in Pink*** said...

i love your ideas, but once you're finally in the "planning" process you might be surprised -- you may change your mind about many things!! Planning a wedding is SUPER fun, but there is SO much to think of -- I love your plan! :)

Miss Southern Prep said...

Those ideas sound so pretty!Hydrangeas and peonies are my favorites, too!

AEOT said...

We did navy and pink as our color scheme and got married in a coastal town that means the world to both of us. The main "theme" was seersucker (if you can consider that a theme), but we used our new monogram a lot as well. I loved everything about it. If you're still thinking navy in 7 years, let me know and I'll share our pics with you :)


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