Monday, June 21, 2010

Retail Mondays

I haven't done a current wish list in around a month or two, so here is what has been adding to my ever growing list of wants:
Anthropologie- saw a friend wearing this in her hair and just loved it!

PB Teen If you are a college student, I totally recommend a lap desk. I haven't seen this kind before where you can just fold it up for easy storage. The one I currently have is the one with the cushion that sits on your lap; which is actually quite bulky and takes up the limited storage space. I love love love this lap desk. It's personalized, comes in pink, and takes up little room.. what more could you ask for!
Williams Sonoma - Talk about something made for a college student. They look and feel like glass, but they are not! Colorful, Durable, Monogrammed; check, check, and check. They can only be ordered online in sets of 6 and the set is $50 so each cup is a little under $10 each. Hello back to school present pour moi!

Robert Graham- I've never seen a tunic I haven't loved and this sure is no exception. At $228, a college girl can dream.

Golftini- Love love love this skirt!

What's on your wish list this week? Or.. maybe you shouldn't tell me, then my wish list will grow even longer! Oh well, I'd love to know! Have a fabulous day!

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mFw said...

That lap desk is SO cool! I think I may "need" that now!!! Thanks for posting it!!1


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