Friday, June 18, 2010

To wear or not to wear?

Recently I've been seeing tons of denim shorts while out shopping. Whether it be in stores such as Nordstrom and J.Crew or even in Macy's. To me, I think a pair of plain denim shorts does not go out of style. However, it seems that they have come "into style" once again; popping up everywhere. This time it seems to be the cut off, cuffed, and super short look. If you have looked at People, Us, or Ok magazines, you are sure to have seen that all of the west coast celebs are wearing this "trend". I have not owned a pair of denim shorts since middle school and have always had a negative attitude towards the style.
When I think of jean shorts, I think of young teens wearing their jean shorts with Abercrombie screen printed T's, and really an all over
sloppy appearance. Well, I have certainly changed my opinion on the denim short. Something about them really does seem so American, and laid back. Here are some pictures of celebs and their denim cut offs:

Hayden Panetierre

Denise Richards

Amanda Bynes

I do have to say I'm sure they fit in much more on the west coast and in the southern states than they do here on the east coast, however, I think that denim shorts are an alternative to the "sweats" look when running to Starbucks or running to the grocery store. I think they are appropriate for other occassions such as a country concert, a lazy day at the lake, or a day on a farm.

I will go on the record and say that I do not think they are appropriate for dining, wearing as a cover-up to the pool, for a party, or any other type of get together. Denim shorts are about as casual as you can get. But you'd be surprised, the price tag is not so casual. You can find True Religion, Rock & Republic, Sevens, Citizens, J. Brand, Joes, and Diesel. As much as I love those brands for my long jeans, I can't see spending upwards of $200 for a small amount of denim that I won't get too much wear out of.

I do want to try the denim short trend so I have found the perfect compromise. Levi's makes the perfect pair! I found them at Macy's for $20! Right now if you are a Macy's card holder you should have also received several 10% off coupons (expires July 5th I think), so add that to the price and they are around $16! They are the Juniors 513 Boyfriend shorts. They run small. I went up 2 sizes (going up the second size was to add some modesty to the fit). They are SO comfortable and they look great with plain flip flops and a nice J. Crew tissue tee. I also love them with my oversized boatneck tops from J. Crew.

Also, I think these might look best on women under the age of 25; maybe 30 (but hey, Jennifer Aniston rocks them, so try them out if you wish). If you are at all conscious about your legs, these are not for you because they won't give you the coverage that you want (that is why I won't purchase a designer pair). Again, the look is extremely casual and I even feel a bit skimpy in my pair, but I can't help but to love them (so comfortable)!
These are the exacty pair that I purchased. When buying any pair of jean short, I reccommend trying them on before purchasing them. Even if they are the same brand and a different style, they all are sized very differently.
Have you tried this style out? Did you have the same reservations about denim shorts as I once had? Are you still hesitant to try this look out? I'd love to know. I'm still iffy on when I'll even sport these, but as soon as I do, I'll do an outfit of the day (which will be more likely an outfit for a couple hours). Have a fabulous day!


Anonymous said...

I definitely try to wear longer, more grown-up fitting shorts, but I have a pair of cuffed cut-off denim shorts that I wear with the cuffs unrolled for a more modest look, and with a cute top and accessories to keep it clean looking- I get complimented on my pair all the time!

Lindsay said...

I think they are super cute and that pair you found at Macy's are just perfect!

mary anne said...

I agree with your caveat of "under 25/30" but let's not forget size/weight. There are those who would end up on the "People of Walmart" site!

Kerry said...

I was against them a few seconds ago, but you may have convinced me to try a pair on! As long as they fit well and are not too short, I think they can be appropriate. Although, I absolutely despise jean shorts on men!

mFw said...

I don't have denim shorts but all my friends at college at least had a pair or so that they wore every so often! I like the ones you got!

LC @ Old House Now said...

i just got a really cute pair from urban outfitters... super dark denim with a bit of a cuff at the bottom. i think they look much neater than faded and distressed, but still keeping it casual! denim shorts can definitely go either way..... haha

Unknown said...

I was the same as you.. I just purchased my first pair of jean shorts! I was hesitant at first, but I thought they would be perfect to wear for a country concert with a pair of cowboy boots! Mine are cuffed but they are not too short. They are Citizens of humanity and VERY comfortable. I definitely recommend them.

Paige Rudzin said...

Denim shorts are completely in if done right! I hate it when girls where them too short/ or too tight it makes them look so skany. I always (well depending) buy my denim shorts a size bigger than usual so they fit comfortably. You should also try denim button downs and white jeans- very chic i did a posting on my blog. Saw you were a ZTA, me too! ZLAM!


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