Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ralph Lauren Fall 2010

No, no, not that kind of gang! Ralph Lauren's newest ad campaign for their children's line is fantastic. The marketing people of all of these great companies have seriously done their job this time around. First, Tommy Hilfiger launches a great ad campaign, then Brooks Brothers decides to try and market to a younger age group (flawlessly), and now Ralph Lauren takes the cake! Check out this "story" that Ralph Lauren does. It's definitely worth watching and children will love it! It is narrated by Harry Connick Jr. and you can actually purchase the book for $19. Fifteen percent of all sales go to HCJr.'s charity too!.  Just like Hilfiger, RL has "characters" and all of these characters have a look to them. My favorite is Katharine. This sure makes me wish they made all of these RL Children's clothes in adult sizes! This season is the cutest I have seen RL in a while! Do you love all of these fun fall ad campaigns? Have a fabulous day!


dana said...

I saw this yesterday! I always love their stuff and dressing our daughter in it. Cannot go wrong with classic clothes.

Btw, I have a little kate spade/joe nye giveaway going on that you might like.

Shelby said...

I saw an add for this the other day! I thought it was just adorable! :)

Anonymous said...

I feel like RL ads have always had the cutest children, and this year just takes the cake!

the pink prep said...

i blogged about this too!
and yes, it is one of the best ad campaigns done in a while by mr lauren!
i'm a huge campaign follower (i'm in fashion advertising myself) and worked for ralph YEARS ago, so i love almost EVERYTHING polo does....biased? yes, truly i am!


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