Wednesday, September 1, 2010

R. Williams

Ryan from R. Williams contacted  me about featuring his ID cases on my blog because he thought it would be something that would interest my fellow college readers! Of course, you cannot go without an ID holder while at school. Like my cell phone, my ID holder travels with me wherever I go. Ryan sent me one of his Annie Id Holders in Berry and I am loving it. It is very durable, and I love the fact that it is dark pink with navy and pastel blue grosgrain. The durable part is definitely something to take note of because my ID holder gets dragged all around campus, put in many different tote bags or handbags, set down on so many different surfaces, and brought to many parties. Most ID cases I have had in the past haven't held up for more than a couple months. This one feels so much more durable than any other ID case I've tried (Believe me, that's saying a lot. I probably easily own 10 ID cases). Another thing I like about this ID holder is that there is a clear separate pocket on the back for your id so you can easily gain access to your ID without having to open the zipper pouch that would hold money and cards. It also has another open pocket and my BlackBerry fits perfect inside, so it's easily accessible.(below: I put a card in the clear ID spot, and my blackberry in the open pocket, inside the zipper part is money, debit cards and lip gloss.)
I also love that the inside is lined with silk fabric, it makes the case feel very luxurious. Another thing to note about this ID case is that it is larger than most cases I have seen. To me, this is great because I can fit money, gift cards, lipgloss, blackberry, and school ID and it all fits very comfortably. I took a picture of it next to one of my Coach ID cases and a large wallet that I have so you can compare the sizes:
R. Williams also specializes in custom made backpacks which I love! His ideas are so original, and if you look on his website, you can see some pictures of custom orders and on one of his backpacks, the straps are grosgrain! What a fabulous idea.
Ryan has kindly extended a great offer to my readers! The ID case originally retails on the R. Williams site for $38, for my readers, you will get half off which brings the totally down to $19. This is an absolute steal! Go to this special link ( and that will show you the new and reduced price! Happy Shopping!


Clare Lennon said...

Finally, one that will hold a BB in addition to cards!

Carole said...

Nowadays we all need ID holders for school or work. I like that this case seems extra roomy.

Little Miss Can't Be Wrong said...

i've tagged you in some blog fun...

The Preppy Pre-Med said...

This is perfect! I keep leaving mine out in a lab without thinking. My current one is still bearing stains from mouse intestines...definitely time for a new one.

Kate said...

Bookmarking his site right now!


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