Monday, October 18, 2010

Classic for Women

After doing the post on classic casual staples for men, I got several requests to do a post like that for women. So, here it is! Here are what I consider to be classics that every woman should own at least one of and they will last a lifetime.

For clothes I would say cable-knit sweaters. My favorites are the crewnecks from Ralph Lauren.
The next is definitely a cardigan sweater. I love the ones from L. L. Bean and Lands End. The J. Crew Jackie is another favorite.
Next are oxford cloth shirts. These can easily be dressed up or dressed down and are so comfortable. You can also wear them during any season and can be work by themselves, or over something or under something. My favorite is Ralph Lauren, but for this, you can really do any brand.
Next is a little black dress. I have several to choose from but a little black dress is appropriate for most every cocktail attire function.
Next is a pea coat. Navy or black are the best color options but I also have a red one that I love to pull out during the cold months. I also have a toggle coat which does the trick as well.
A blazer is another essential.
Flats, boots, Jack Rogers, and duck boots are footwear essentials. For flats I love J. Crew and Tory Burch. For boots I'd go with Frye, L.L. Bean or Lands End. Duck boots are without a doubt L.L. Bean. I am usually not a brand snob but for duck boots, in my mind, L. L. Bean is it.
Next is a Lilly shift. Really, any brightly colored shift will do, but I really think Lilly does the shift best.
I also think a watch is definitely a necessity along with a longchamp purse. Longchamps are casual and can be monogrammed and can also be folded to be packed for travel.
And of course pearls are absolutely essential. I believe every woman should own at least one pearl necklace and earrings. I really can't even go one day without my pearls!

I think some accessories that are great for women include headbands, grosgrain belts, tervis tumblers, and a tote. For headbands I look all over the place and if I see one I love, I grab it. Grosgrain belts are the same way. I love love love my monogrammed Tervis Tumbler. It gets so much use. I drink coffee out of it daily, and it is also great for diet coke, tea, water, or crystal light packets. It keeps things hot and cold and is microwavable and dishwasher safe.
Some more footwear includes a driving moccasin which could possibly take the place of a boat shoe. I have both, but they are very similar. If you aren't a fan of duck boots, you could always opt for a rain boot. I like the L. L. Bean ones. I think Hunter wellies are great too.The last shoe staple is definitely a somewhat rounded, closed toe, black pump. This shoe is great for job interviews or other dressy events.
More outerwear options include a quilted jacket which is very versatile and can be purchased from places such as Burberry, Barbour, L.L. Bean, Lands End, Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, etc. Another necessity is a rain jacket. I am big on always being prepared for the weather so I have a packable rain jacket from Eddie Bauer and got it monogrammed to add a little something special to such a plain item. Along with Eddie Bauer, outdoor companies such as Patagonia, North Face, and Mountain Hardware have lots of great options. When it gets a little too cold to just wear a thin rain jacket, you can add a fleece vest for added warmth. I am currently loving the "fratagonia" and Coast Apparel fleece vests.
I think a white button down dress shirt is important for any woman. It can really save you in situations where you think you have nothing to wear. Pair a crisp white shirt with a black pencil skirt and black pumps and you have a work appropriate outfit.
For fall and winter, a heavy wool sweater is good to have on hand for the coldest days. Plain, neutral turtlenecks are versatile along with chinos of different weights and colors.
Last but not least, Nike Tempo shorts are the best shorts for working out or lounging.

What do you consider your staples to be? Have a fabulous day!


Preppy Perfectionist said...

Love this post! I totally agree with you! Have a great Monday xoxo

Clare Lennon said...

I agree with most of these (I love my Tempo shorts, but this style in particular seems like a fad), but I do think you forgot a classic feminine 50s-style skirt. I do LOVE that you included Tervises :)

Peachy Keen said...

Such great classic pieces to highlight. With these basics, you're well on your way to a fabulous wardrobe.

Anonymous said...

LOVE this post, and I need an LBD like that, so badly. I could wear it a million different ways!

L.A.S. said...

Our closets must be very similar b/c these classic essentials all fill mine! Love the idea of monogramming the packable rain coat, very cute!

Carole said...

LLBean's pima cotton turtlenecks are among my late fall and winter staples. Enjoyed seeing yours.


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