Monday, January 31, 2011

And the watch obsession continues...

For me, last week was like a dream. The Steelers won the AFC championship game, so I've been on cloud 9 ever since (Superbowl Countdown: 7 days!!!) . Then, classes were canceled Wednesday and Thursday due to mass amounts of snow, another win for me and the rest of the student body. I don't have Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes, so the only day I ever ended up going to classes was Tuesday, another win pour moi. So what do you do when it snows and no cars can safely drive in the snow? You walk your bean booted feet to the nearest fraternity with all of your sorority sisters and have a celebration of course! Then the skiing ensued on Thursday. Being exhausted after two fun snow days, what to do? Watch a movie of course.
 The movie was The American with George Clooney. I actually didn't want to watch this movie, but the consensus was against me. As for my review? I say it was decent, but definitely a man's movie. However, the entire movie I was enthralled by George Clooney's watch. I did a bit of research (meaning as soon as I laid my eyes on that beauty, I whipped out my BlackBerry and Googled it faster than you can say obsessed) and found out that it is an Omega Speedmaster Professional.
Talk about a beauty. Sadly, the $3,000 price tag is a bit of a deterrence from me acquiring this timepiece. I guess I will just have to add it to my mental watch list... which is growing at quite a fast pace. Why, oh why did a pick something so pricey to collect?
Have you seen The American or any other movies recently? Did anyone else drool over this watch, or am I just the crazy watch obsessed lady? Have a fabulous day!


Christina said...

That movie was such a snooze fest! I was stuck at home sick this weekend, so I took my cough syrup, and snuggled down for what I thought would be an awesome, action-packed spy adventure. I passed out about 15 minutes after he arrived in the small town. ZZzzz. :)

Preppy 101 said...

My son has an obsession with watches. Have you seen the Triwa watches? Martha Stewart had the owners on her show. Very affordable, fun watches. xoxo

caknitter said...

Oooh, the watch is a beauty! I've been looking around for a new watch, but I agree $3000 is a bit much for watch, at least for me.

Designs by Kara Kihm said...

They are fabulous watches!!! My husband has an omega watch and he became enthralled with it when Pierce Brosnan was in the ad! He then went on to get the persol sunglasses Pierce ended up advertising also, which was a bit ridic! I will say this, although they are pricey you will have it forever! So the investment is worth it! I'll spend the money if I know it will last me a lifetime :)


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