Friday, January 21, 2011

Here We Go!!!! STILLERS N'AT!!!!

Play the above song while reading this post! To all of the Jets fans, sorry I am subjecting you to read this... SIKE! My long time readers probably know or have figured out that I am a die hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan... not that this is any surprise considering I am Pittsburgh born and bred. If you don't follow football, or somehow don't know, the Pittsburgh Steelers are playing the New York Jets this Sunday at 6:30pm eastern time. You can bet I will be right in front of the TV screaming the entire time (this is the only exception for me to break the lady-like rules--and I scream LOUD). Luckily, the Steelers are playing at home in the good ol' Steel City and fingers crossed, they will win the AFC championship and head to Texas for Superbowl XLV.
In case you didn't know, Pittsburgh (also known as SIXburgh) is the team with the most Superbowl wins in the NFL. The last time we won the Superbowl, was two years ago when Pittsburgh defeated the Arizona Cardinals in Superbowl XLIII. Three years previous to that, Pittsburgh defeated the Seattle Seahawks in Superbowl XL.
So with that in mind, if your team is out, or you don't know which side to take, go with the "STILLERS". My Current background on my computer is this:
My current Blackberry background is this:
My Facebook picture is this:
I will be wearing this on Sunday:
And, this song, by rapper Wiz Khalifa (from Pittsburgh) will be on repeat for the majority of Sunday:

(the lyrics are a bit inappropriate so if you are at work, you may want to wait until you get home to listen)  
However, this music video is AWESOME because it is all filmed in Pittsburgh and he has a Terrible Towel!
If you happen to be in Pittsburgh, any given football Sunday, then you would be privileged to see:
The Duquesne incline (Pittsburgh has two) decked out in black and yellow Steelers garb. If you were at the game, you would eat:
A Primanti's "sammich".
If you were in Pittsburgh and you were thirsty on gameday, you would have a nice cold...

Iron City beer in hand... pronounced "arhn city" for all the "yinzers" out there. Of course, all Steelers fans like to say a little prayer before each game and it goes a little something like this...
"Our Father, Who Art in Pittsburgh , Football Be Thy Game. Let Mendenhall run, 6 Super Bowls Won, On Earth as it is in Heinz Field. Give us this Day an AFC championship, And forgive us our penalties, As we defeat those Jets who play against us. But lead us into a victory, And deliver us to Texas ! For thine is the D-Line, the, and the Harrison !A-Ben! Here We Go STEELERS..."
So, if you need more convincing on why you should cheer on Pittsburgh on Sunday, I've written several "Pittsburgh themed" posts in the past which you can find here, here, here, here, and here. Did I mention I love Pittsburgh? Have a fabulous weekend, GO STEELERS!!!!!!!


Ruth said...

Good Luck to the Stealers. And my BEARS Sunday!

Caitlin said...

LOVE this! My mom's side of the family is from Pittsburgh, so I'm a Steelers fan by default. Your post title cracked me up--"N'AT". So perfect haha! My uncle has a sticker on his car that just is "N@". Keep up the great posts. GO STEELERS!!!

The Aly Way said...

Have fun watching the game! Sounds like a great atmosphere! :)

Buckhead Belle said...

Love this! Nothing gets me to break my lady-like rules like some football!

CashmereLibrarian said...

As a fellow Pittsburgh native, I'm so wit yints in'aat.

Go Stillers! Can't wait for Sunday!

Piper Jacquelyn said...

Aw, you look adorable in your jersey! And I've totally had the Iron City beer, ha ha! They even have it here in Nebraska! Good luck to your team!

Ann said...

I too will be cheering on the Black and Gold!!!!!! We got this!!!!!!!

the pink prep said...

i KNOW you are a die hard fan! so, good luck to you, and i'm hoping my fave team the BEARS will be meeting up with you in Dallas! :-)
Even though I live 15 mins from Gillette stadium where the NE Pats play, I've remained true to the Bears from when I lived in Chicago during and after college.
Should be a day of great parties on Sunday! have fun!

Anonymous said...

You need to add this link to your post

‎"Steel Defense" - In Acchord

Warning... it will get stuck in your head all day!


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