Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just Dance

 I am a little behind with the current events on this one, but I found this on YouTube and immediately knew I had to do a post on this to get everyone's thoughts! A little background is that this was a dance competition and these 3 girls performed an amazing routine. However, critics say that this dance was extremely inappropriate for such young girls to perform. Take a look...

What do you think of these girls? Do you think that they are too young to be dancing as such? Personally, I think these girls have incredible talent. I was a dancer from age 3 all the way through 9th grade and then I switched to cheerleading. I do think some of the moves were innapropriate however, it was extremely well done. They are also being criticized for the costuming that they were dressed in. I remember when I danced, we had costumes just like that and so did all of the other dancers that I knew. Below is the interview they had on ABC where the parents were interviewed:

And here is another video of the girls dancing, they really are amazing dancers and they have so much potential! I really hope all of the criticism didn't harm their passion for dancing!

What do you think of this "scandal". Being a dancer, I think I am somewhat biased so I'd love to hear others opinions! Have a fabulous day and don't forget to enter the Emma Graham Designs Dayna skirt giveaway! Have a fabulous day!


Meredith! said...

I used to dance also, and I kind of agree with the parents, it wasn't meant for 2 million people to view it was for a competition, and that is pretty normal stuff. outfits always show your stomach and such! i think theyre great!

Anonymous said...

I used to dance also, and I think the clothing and some of the moves are too sexual for young girls. There are ways to be a good dancer without popping/humping the air and clothing styles that don't resemble bras or teddys.

LKO said...

I think for the non-dance community this might be shocking. Otherwise, it really isn't.

Charleston Girl said...

I've been a dancer for 25 years, and I think that the girls' talent (turns, leaps, flexibility) is overshadowed by unnecessary booty pops, grinding, and lip pursing... You can still show off incredible dancers without all the extra, over sexed moves. The teacher should have used better judgment - awesome choreography, but better suited for high school girls, not these young girls who don't even wear training bras yet.

Muffy said...

Oh my gosh! They are PHENNNNOMENAL dancers! Yes, the moves are a bit much. Would have been nice if they kept it a little more g-rated but I don't think (I HOPE) the girls don't really know what it all means. Hadn't seen this. Crazy!


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