Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rock Hard

When you're a young girl, you dream of your wedding day and view it as a distant fairy tale, then when you are in college, it seems like it is still so far off because you are still young and in the college mindset. However, I am wedding obsessed. Seriously, I can't get enough and I don't know what it is; I've posted about it here, here, and here. I mean, who doesn't love to get dressed up? Who doesn't love a huge party with all of your closest family and friends and the love of your life? Who doesn't love a celebration? Now I'm starting to see why my obsession has formed. I'm in the 21st year of my life and while marriage still seems extremely far away (still need to graduate college, find a job... oh yeah, and a guy!) it has become a bit more of a reality for me. My GGBig (that's Great-Grand-Big for all of you not familiar with Greek family lineage) is engaged, some of my friends are in long term relationships, and in the blog-o-sphere there is always someone getting engaged or planning a wedding. So therefore, that is my justification for this post: Engagement rings... a girl can dream, right?
I posted this one on my Tumblr several days ago. It's Harry Winston! This might be the most perfect ring in the entire world.
I am in love with this one as well. I can't recall where it is from because I've had it saved in a folder for quite a while now! It is SO sparkly!

This one is so unique. It has a fun art deco vibe. It is by Tacori. 
Ohhh Cartier, so simple, so classic, SO perfect.
 Oh Tiffany's, sometimes I think you are so overrated, but with this one, you had me at hello.

I cringe when thinking about a gold engagement ring, however, David Yurman in gold would have me skipping down the aisle.

Not a gold fan? Bet you can't resist this little DY number... I thought so...
Just a reminder to enter the Emma Graham Designs giveaway! It ends this Sunday! Wouldn't the Chrissy dress make a perfect bridesmaid dress?!
Have a fabulous day!


TG said...

cute rings!! I want to dream too!!

Whales and Wayfarers said...

I am also wedding obsessed and watch Say Yes to the Dress religiously! That first ring was reblogged immediately on my tumblr!

Jessica said...

That Tiffany's ring is to.die.for. Love it!

LKO said...

I die at Harry Winston rings.


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