Thursday, February 24, 2011

Shop before you drop

 Spring has almost sprung and with warming temperatures, that means new clothes! Who can deny that this season, designers are really stepping up their game. I did a post on Tibi and Milly several days ago, however, Brooks Brothers is so colorful and fun for women this season and not to mention what Kate Spade has in store! All of these bright colors have me itching for spring. If you are like me and cannot wait to go spring shopping, you will set aside a day or few to shop around and try on all the beautiful styles available.
There is one thing that I do not care for when shopping and that is trying on clothing. There have been so many times where I am just too lazy, or too in a rush to try something on and this is a big mistake because I often times end up buying things that are far too large for me. This spring, don't let the dressing rooms stop you!
I have finally learned to wear things that are easy to get in and out of. For example, wearing boots, skinny jeans, tank top, blazer, tons of jewelry and a heavy coat is a lot to slip in and out of! For a day of shopping, try wearing an outfit like this:

All of these options are so easy to get in and out of. Plus flats are the easiest option! No socks to deal with and they slip on and off. As for boots, a lot of boots are hard to get in and out of, however I find that cowboy boots are super easy to slip on and off. Jersey knit dresses don't wrinkle easily, so therefore, they can lay piled on the chair while trying on other things. What do you wear when you are on a shopping marathon? Have a fabulous day!

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The Aly Way said...

You're too funny! Yes, when planning a shopping marathon, dresses are the way to go! I love that feeling when getting ready for a full day of shopping, can't wait for spring to be here, so I can start wearing all the fun colors that are out now!


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