Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Tourist; Jolie's Jewels

I recently watched The Tourist with Angelina Jolie, and I can't say that I loved the movie, it was a bit slow, however, Angelina Jolie's clothing and exquisite jewelry kept my attention.
I love this neutral camel colored dress and shall she is wearing. The gloves make this oh-so elegant. 
How elegant does she look in this gorgeous cowl neck dress and big earrings. I've never been a fan of Jolie, but she definitely pulls off bright red lipstick well. 

Angelina Jolie looks stunning in this black gown and absolutely gorgeous diamond necklace. 
Look how elegant the train on Jolie's gown is. Absolutely stunning. I want this gown! 
Have you seen the tourist? What did you think? Have a fabulous day!


Caitlin C. said...

I've seen The Tourist as well, and I really liked the movie! One of the reasons was definitely because of Jolie's makeup and wardrobe. Her eyes looked gigantic in the entire movie - I love the smokey eye makeup and don't think I could every pull it off! I agree with you, her wardrobe was so sophisticated and elegant. I wish we got to wear gowns like that in everyday life :)

Chelsea said...

Ooo, I completely agree with your thoughts about Angelina's wardrobe and jewelry.. They are fabulous!

caknitter said...

I don't care for Jolie either but I have to agree with you about the clothes in the movie or the way they dressed her. We all know she doesn't have much of a style...very goth and her kids too. If she does look good it only means she had a stylist put her together for an event.

mMe said...

Love Jolie everything in those photos!

Celebrity Media Appearances sydney said...

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Cerulean Bill said...

I agree with your comments. I was struck by her clothes (not normally something I notice). I suppose it's unlikely that that style of clothing would make a reappearance, but wouldn't it be nice if it did?

Two thirds of the way through watching it, my wife said If it turns out that he really IS that guy, and if he ends up getting the money and the girl, I'm going to freak. Ahem.


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