Friday, May 27, 2011

Nantucket Noose

"We are four old family-friends from Connecticut who all grew up spending our summers on Nantucket. When two-month summer vacations became extinct for us, we were looking for a way to stay indelibly connected with the island. As we started to design, sell, and market our products, we realized that many people share our passion for this island, and fortunately, many people are still discovering it each summer."- blurb taken from the Nantucket Noose website
As soon as I saw this company, I just had to tell everyone about it! Nantucket Noose was founded in 2004 and creates products to remind people of their time spend on Nantucket. I love ALL of their products that they offer, from their men's ties to their rain boots. They are colorful and fun, and most definitely create a reminder of summertime. 
Nantucket Noose sent me their Beach Permit Flip-Flops and their Beach Permit D-ring belt! How fun are these two?! The flip-flops are so comfortable and with all of the different colors (for each color there is a different year, just like the actual beach permits!) these sandals would match just about anything! I also love the matching belt--it is most definitely unique and both are conversation starters.
Above is a close-up of their beach permit print. How cute is that!? 
I tried to get a close up of the belt as well. I love how on the very left of this picture, you can see that their logo blends right in with the belt pattern!
I wanted to get a side shot of the flip-flops to show that they aren't too thin of a sole, but aren't too thick either. Their thickness is just perfect for that comfort that is necessary in a sandal.
They also offer many other fun products...
Is there a stronger word than obsessed? This tote bag is too cute and has 4 different color options to choose from. This would be a great beach bag, but you could also use it for traveling as well!
I love the pink and green rain boots! But they also have 3 other color options as well... I'm just partial to the pink and green!
Even if you have never been to Nantucket, if you are looking to get a gift, this is the perfect place. I think it would be perfect for a couple's anniversary to give them each something from Nantucket Noose if they got married on Nantucket or even as a wedding present! This would also be a great idea to give someone that has everything because this gift would be more personal than anything else! Have you ever heard of Nantucket Noose? Have a fabulous day!


Kerree said...

I am so upset! I just bought a pair of rainboots but those pink and green ones are so much better! Is it too much to have two pairs? Nantucket sounds charming. I hope I can visit one day.

JulesTX said...

LOVE thise flippies, I'm off to check out the website now. Thanks !

Amanda said...

I love all of it! Especially the rain boots. I have bright, bright pink ones too!


Preppy Sue said...

Yes! I love browsing their products at Bartlett Farm on the island, cute stuff!

♡ bAs said...

Very cute & so preppy! love it all!<3

Portuguese Prepster said...

I had never heard of this company before! I love those rainboots!!

Louise Cecilie said...

Really nice blog! :D

Louise Cecilie //

Kate said...

Really cute. Going to bookmark this store!


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