Friday, May 20, 2011

Obsessed: Harper Bazaars' Stripes

Harper Bazaar's April 2011 magazine featured a very well done spread of supermodel Patricia van der Vilet (who appeared on Holland's Next Top Model) photographed by fashion photographer Richard Brubridge. The entire article was about bold colors and patterns made from stripes. I loved the seeing all of the bright colors and unique pairings of patterns. But there was one thing that stood out to me in this entire magazine and that is the above (and below) dress.

I might have just saved this dress to a "want" folder on my computer, and I may peek at it every day once in a while to remind myself of its' beauty. Seriously though, the colors are great and the bold stripes, even better. I think the colors are reminiscent of Kate Spade's iconic use of bold hues with a very simple and classic cut. The variation in pleating is something that I love the most about this dress and it adds the "high fashion" element. Well, I did a little searching and the dress is made by an off shoot of MaxMara. It's an Italian based company called Sportmax. The clothes are definitely a lot trendier than I typically go for, however, some pieces have a classic cut with a twist that just calls to me.
I tried to navigate the website as best I could considering it is in Italian and je parle francais. However, I learned some new Italian vocab and made room in my virtual closet for this pretty frock!
I also made room for this shirt/skirt duo because who doesn't love that blue hue in the spring/summer and who doesn't love a fun print!
And an "accessori" (see Italian really isn't that hard, now is it) that I spied with my little eye would be this gorgeous brown clutch for clutching all of my precious euros, because you know what they say... "when in Rome".
And I think I'll need this cover-up for when I am sailing off the coast of Italy on my private yacht; because after all, that is how they do it over there, right?

So while I'm day dreaming of my jaunt to Italy to start my Sportmax collezione (that's collection for all of you Americans), I'm actually begging politely asking my father to play hooky from work for oh say about a week or 2, and whisk my mother, sister, and I all away for a shopping spree family vacation in Italy. I think I'll stick to dreaming for now!
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Bethany said...

I love MaxMara and Sportmax. SO pretty. The dress you featured is gorgeous!

Jenna @ said...

I think I've fallen in love with that dress, as well! You're right- it is very Kate Spade-esque.

I love Rome so much!! I only spent four days in the city, and I would do anything to go back and explore more! And shop, of course ;)


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