Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Watches That Are Worth Your Time

First of all a HUGE congratulations to Hines Ward for winning Dancing With the Stars... oh yeah, and Kym too! Pittsburgh may not have won the Super Bowl, but at least Hines brought back a win to the Steel City!

Now back to regular Summer Wind posting... This weekend, a friend had on a great grosgrain watch... Of course, I had to ask about it and I couldn't believe my ears or eyes when he told me it was from Target! Of course, as soon as I got back to Pittsburgh, I rushed out to Target and got this beauty of a watch (literally, I got back on Sunday, and bought the watch on Monday).
This is the picture from Target's website. It is a men's watch (this made me even happier!) and the price...drumroll.... $12.99. I was guessing it wouldn't be too expensive just because I know that Target is not really the place to shop for watches, but $12.99! I couldn't even believe it!
This is my picture. It doesn't look that great in the picture but let me tell you, when I first saw this watch, I thought it look like a pricey timepiece. I really know my watches and this one caught me totally off guard. It is so well made and very comparable to my Brooks Brothers watch. At this price, it might even be smart to stock up and give this watch as a gift. Fathers Day is coming up very soon (June 19) and also, this would be a great gift for a high school graduate, not to mention a great gift to surprise your boyfriend or husband with as a "just because" gift!
Here it is in between a quarter and my Brooks Brothers watch. It's a thin face, but definitely large in diameter in comparison to my Brooks Brothers watch (which is actually broken due to a bit of an accident in Richmond--whoopsies! Its' next stop is to the watch doctor!) . The grosgrain strap is removable and is a bit wider than the ones that I have for my Brooks Brothers watch, however, when I put them on the Target watch, you can't really tell that they're too small. So, the point of this post is that if you're a watch person, go buy this watch, if you're not a watch person, go buy this watch, if you need a watch like you need a hole in the head (that would be me), still, go buy this watch!

Have you seen this watch or do you have this watch? Can you tell that I'm in love? I will definitely be featuring this in an OOTD very soon! have a fabulous day!


Home Is Where the Hart Is said...

I was watching last night and I wanted them to win so badly. I was super pumped! They deserved it. :)

Chelsea said...

I have a watch fetish, haha, so I am honest when I say I really like this one!! And Target is the bomb.

Jenna @ said...

I am so happy I just read this post!!! That really is an incredible watch! I am off to buy one right now. I never thought of looking at Target for watches.

I have two watches that I wear almost all of the time. The first is my Marc Jacobs watch which has a black band with a gold face. It's perfect for winter/fall, but really works all year round. My other favorite watch is a Swatch I bought in France last summer. It has a white band and a pink face- very fun and perfect for summertime! :)

Carole said...

Congrats, Hines & Kim!

I am loving that watch and will scoot to Target to find one. Thanks for the tip.

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

Oh, I like that!!

kayce hughes said...

Love it. Nothing like a fabulous and cheep find to make a girl smile.

halyardburton said...

Does the Brooks Brothers watch band work with this watch at all?

halyardburton said...

Does the Brooks Brothers band work with it at all?

halyardburton said...

Does the brooks brothers band work with it at all?


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