Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bosom Buddy Bags

"Handags as extraordinary as the women who carry them"

 Bosom Buddy Bags may be my cutest internet stumble ever. I came upon them because I was typing into Facebook monogramming companies, and a little boutique popped up. I clicked around on the boutique's Facebook page and low and behold I saw the cutest bags I have ever seen...
Palm Beach Collection, Spring 2011
I knew I had to find out more so I could alert the preppy kingdom of their existence. After contacting Karin Chriss, who is "a nationally recognized, award-winning interior designer with a passion for antiques and an unparalleled reputation for finding and collecting unique and tastefully whimsical accessories" (excerpt taken from the Bosom Buddy website) I learned a lot more about Bosom Buddy. The bags are hand woven in Indonesia, Bali to be specific. The bags are made out of Ata Grass and the pretty brown color of the bags are made from smoking each bag over a fire. 
Karin Chriss, Andrea Stieff and Lizzie Stieff Leonard are the three ladies behind Bosom Buddy Bags (and let me tell you, I think they might just be genius).
"It all began 6 years ago when Andrea thought how much fun it would be to adorn a basic straw bag with one of her trademark floral designs.. long time friend Karin came into the studio, got inspired and promptly covered every bag in sight with stunning and unique trims, buttons and ribbons.. the rest is history!"- Excerpt from Bosom Buddy website
The ladies of Bosom Buddy Bags were so generous and sent me TWO of their beautiful bags. When I got the package, I felt like it was Christmas all over again.
High Baby Bali
First on the menu is the High Baby Bali, HBB for short. This bag is a show-stopper. Completely unforgettable, and I guarantee that people will be stopping you every second and asking you where your beautiful handbag is from. Seriously, just ask my mother, who just happened to borrow the bag the day after I got it in the mail and took it to a club dinner party. She said she got comments and questions about the HBB all night. 
At 6"x5"x3" it makes for the perfect sized evening bag. I especially like the structure of the bag because it makes it easy to just lift open the "lid" and you can see everything that is in the bag. It is the perfect size for your camera, lipstick and cellphone.
This would make the absolute perfect gift for so many occasions. I'm thinking for the bride-to-be you could get it in her wedding colors-- it would be a hit and the perfect accessory to take on her honeymoon. This would also be a great gift for a high school graduate. You could get their school colors and their mascot-- perfect for football games in the fall--she is sure to be the envy of everyone! Also, this would be perfect as a little girl's first handbag. It's fun and whimsical!
I paired the HBB style bag with a linen, little black dress and layered pearls, added a headband and some heels and I was ready for a night out. I chose to dress this bag up, however, it would be perfect for being the showpiece of an outfit. I'm thinking a white eyelet dress, or a black tank and white shorts would look just as good as the little black dress!
Above is the Large Oval Bali (isn't it just perfect?!). At 13"x10"x4", this bag is similar to a tote-sized bag. I love the giant grosgrain ribbon and bow and especially love the gold starfish. Each bag is lined and something that I specially love about the LOB is that the lining has a drawstring closure. A lot of straw bags are not lined at all, let alone have a way to secure your items. This bag is more for everyday use and let me tell you, it holds a lot!
A magazine, water bottle, my wallet, my wristlet-sized pouch and my sunglasses case all fit in the handbag effortlessly. I love the thing straps and the way that they sit on my shoulder--they're not always falling off of my shoulder like a lot of my tote  bags do.
Again, this bag is the star-of-the--show. Add it to a simple outfit and this bag does all of the talking. I think this would make a great beach or pool bag. While it wouldn't fit a towel, it would definitely fit sunscreens, waters, sunglasses, books, magazines, etc. This would make a great gift for anyone... OK, well maybe not for the guys...I think it would be fun to give your bridesmaids this bag as a memento from your wedding, or give it to the hostess that is having you at your beach house for the weekend (add a bottle of wine to the bag and you'll be sure to be invited back again).
From Christmas, to summertime, Bosom Buddy has it covered. They have 13 different styles of bags to choose from, and each bag has grosgrain ribbon in solids or stripes adorned with a gorgeous adornment. They have gold, silver, and tortoiseshell adornments in all different shapes and sizes. !
These bags are as high-quality as they come. They are so well made and are truly pieces of art. Usually straw or grass bags are flimsy and known to fall apart after a year or so, but I can give you my word that these bags are structured and will last. The craftsmanship is really spectacular and that is really hard to find in a handbag these days!  
If you'd like to know where you can buy one of these beauties, then click here for an alphabetical listing! To place your order online, click here. Special thanks to the ladies of Bosom Buddy Bags for the two gorgeous bags! 
Have you heard of Bosom Buddy Bags? After reading this are you now adding this to your "must haves"? What are your favorite Bosom Buddy Bag combinations? Have a fabulous day!


Lisa said...

What a great find!! They are wonderful. Love them all but have to say I am partial to the Bali Bag with the bumble bee.

Anonymous said...

HI - Again you're introducing me to a wonderful vendor - those bags are precious! You look great with them too!

Thanks for sharing -

JulesTX said...

OMG....The large bag with the starfish and ribbon.....LOVE it !

Bridget said...

those are insanely adorable bags. That would make the PERFECT gift for a friend of mine who is about to tie the knot! How do you get these free things all the time? lucky girl:)

Cigar Heiress said...

These are really cute! What are the price points?

Portuguese Prepster said...

these bags are adorable!! I'm in love!

Hannah said...

I love these bags!! I think that I saw them when I last went to Charleston...adorable! Cute pictures too.

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

Are these bags from Maryland? I feel like someone was telling me about a moving sale they had last year. I know Star Monograms in Annapolis carries them...I just love the contrast of the ribbons and the rattan! Enjoy your bags! xx

Carole said...

Thanks for sharing a great find. Love the tote with the starfish.

CAC muffin said...

I love all these bags!!!!! Such a great idea!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

Ooooh, they're so cute! I love the bee! If you can't tell I'm catching up on my blog reads..thus all the comments, ha!

little miss southern love. said...

These are so cute! You should do a giveaway :)

Preppy Buckeye said...

I have two of these bags! I love them and receive many compliments when I carry them. It took me so long to decide on which type to order, they are all so beautiful! I love yours!


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