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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What Condensation?

Hot weather, cold drink... only one problem: all of the condensation getting all over you, your hands and your furniture.Well that's what a koozie is for! This is just a glimpse into my koozie collection-- I think I probably have around 30 koozies from various events and companies. My only issue is choosing which one I want to use. I literally keep one in every tote bag, handbag, car, room in the house-- basically anywhere I am, there is always a koozie... or a few. The one one the very left that is purple is actually a koozie meant for a wine glass. I got it for my 21st birthday! It's called a Woozie. Definitely is a great gift, especially for a 21st birthday-- another plus is that there are all different colors and designs to choose from and it's monogrammable!
Coasters are another necessity. I am really OCD when it comes to coasters. My parents always brought my sister and I up to set our drink down on a coaster whenever the surface could potentially be ruined by condensation. I even carried that rule when I went to school and had coasters in my dorm room! The dorm furniture didn't matter but it was a habit that I stuck to! Not to mention there are so many great coaster options. During the summer months, we have these amazing coasters that are porous and actually soak up the condensation from a glass instead of just collect onto the coaster. They are perfect and no condensation ever gets onto the table!

Koozies and coasters are also great because there are so many options and both are monogrammable and have the ability to be personalized! I actually made the coaster pictured above in a high school class! I wish I could go back and make some more but I remember needing some sort of machine! 
Are you a koozie and coaster fanatic like me? Have a fabulous day!


Bethany said...

Yes!!! I also have a collection of monogrammed, multi-colored koozies and use all of them.

Annie said...

My koozie collection is ridiculous! Way too many but I love collecting!

Portuguese Prepster said...

I'm a fanatic of both! I always use coasters at school-it drives me nuts when condensation gets on any furniture!

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

I've been wanting a Woozie for such a long time! I've seen them monogrammed and I just HAVE to have one. They make all the sense in the world - wish I'd been the one to come up with that idea!

Just found your blog, it's so cute! :)

Lauren Geiger said...

I totally do the same thing. I have Koozies in pretty much every room in my house, plus my car, tote bag, etc. I even decorated a cute little tin for the kitchen counter that says "koozies" on it...just in case anyone comes over and needs one. Cute post...thanks for sharing. I'm a new follower, you should stop by my blog at Simply Southern, Sweet, Classy and Sassy: http://laurengeiger.blogspot.com/

Morgan said...

I love this post! I have so many koozies too! my favorites are My Lilly ones of course! but I will definitely have to look into the woozie!


xoxo said...

i love the collection!

check out mky fashion blog, too?

Carole said...

I was unaware of koozies until a Southern friend introduced them to me. However, I'm a long-time fan and user of coasters--love them!

Beachside Cottage said...

I am Major loving your collection - as versatile as shoes!

I'll have to start updating mine from one to one for every outfit and occasion!

Enjoy (and how is your new hairstyle search going?)

Best Wishes,


sSe said...

I love this post almost as much as I love Coozies. A girl can never have too many!

Sarah-Catherine Poche said...

Those monogramed coasters are presh. where are they from?

♡ bAs said...

Love koozies & coasters!! I always usually have a koozie in my purse too! I should keep some in my car. P.s. I want a woozie!!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

Love coasters--my mom has always been strict about them too! I have tons of koozies, but I rarely drink out of cans or bottles so I don't use them nearly as much!