Friday, July 15, 2011


I am an organization freak. There. I admit it.  Now that I will have my own townhouse this year, this Orvis desktop charging station seems perfect. I'm guessing that because it's Orvis that the quality is top notch. What better way to organize your electronics, keys, change, etc. This seems like a "manly" item but I think it is probably even more useful for women. If you're off to the gym, just grab your iPod out of it's dock and it will be charged and ready to go. Don't stow your keys away in your purse, put them on the docking station and you'll never lose your keys! Do you have a docking station to organize your electronics? How do you like it? Have a fabulous day!


Kayla Scanlan said...

congrats on the town house! i'm sure it will look fabulous with your design touch! be sure to post about it i can't wait to see!

xo Kayla Michelle Scanlan

Rebecca said...

Hello lovely! I think, if you have a tumblr, im following you bc i recognize the name! anyway i just came across your blog and love it so so much!

Rebecca said...



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