Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Where in the world is Summer Wind?

 I love Google Analytics. It is a great tool for anyone with any sort of website and it's also good for college students to get comfortable with because this is something that many companies utilize every single day. In terms of using it in the business world, many inferences can be made through the detailed statistics and information provided through GA. If you have a blog, I highly suggest you check it out!

For Summer Wind, I get a kick out of looking at all of the statistics and where everyone is reading from. Here are some things that I thought would be fun to share and will give you all a little more insight into Summer Wind.

Top Countries:
  1. USA (the majority)
  2. Canada
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Germany
  5. Ireland
  6. Rwanda (the number of visitors are pretty large too-- Maybe this is because Rwanda just had a huge jump in internet users this past year because fiber optic cable became readily usable and available. Well to all the people from Rwanda that have stopped by, Bonjour from Summer Wind!)
  7. Spain
  8. Luxembourg
  9. France 
  10. Australia 
Fun Fact: Summer Wind is read in over 100 countries/territories (needless to say Summer Wind is very well traveled compared to myself... I'd love to have those frequent flier miles ha!) 
    Top U.S. Cities:  
    First I will say that I am saddened that Pittsburgh isn't the number one city, in fact, Pittsburgh doesn't even make the top 10! Come on Pittsburgher's, let's represent a little better, shall we?  
    1. College Town, USA (not too surprised but thanks to everyone who reads!!)
    2. New York, New York (also a Frank Sinatra classic hit and home to Eloise)
    3. Washington, D.C. (LOVE this because it's where I want to move after graduation. Now, since I have so many readers in this area, who wants to hire me?!)
    4. Columbia, South Carolina (this is one that has recently snuck into the top 10 and quickly secured a spot at #4. I've only been once, but loved it! I remember eating at some restaurant with country style food and I LOVED it.)
    5. Boston, Massachusetts (Now that this brings Boston to my attention, I've never been there. I should probably make a trip-- it being a major city and all).
    6. Lexington, Kentucky (I've never been but cCm is looking into going to school at University of Kentucky--Go Cats! She said they have lots of super cute stores in the "downtown" area. I'll have to make a trip sometime soon.)
    7. Charlotte, North Carolina (Once upon a time I went to a fraternity's formal there. Fun city, not so fun date)
    8. Columbus, OH
    9. Chapel Hill, North Carolina (bEw will enjoy knowing this because he is a huge Duke fan and this is just 25 minutes down the road from Duke)
    10. Richmond, VA (another bEw favorite. bEw loves this place and drags me there every chance he gets. I've even had people recognize me from my blog in this city. Fun shopping and lots of friends live in this city too!)
    Something I find interesting: 80% of the top ten cities list is south of the Mason-Dixon line. Hey Y'all! Fun Fact: Lowest amount of readers hail from Hawaii and Alaska (two very different temperature extremes!)

    If you have Google Analytics, what have you found interesting?  If you are in the workplace, do you use Google Analytics or a similar application? Have a fabulous day!


    Sundresses and Smiles said...

    Ooh, I will definitely check this out--and hello from one of your Richmond readers!

    kelseaf said...

    My entire summer internship project (and now job) was about Google Analytics for my company's websites. It is such a great tool, and a lot of fun too, so glad you love it too!

    Check out my post back in July,

    Kristine Elizabeth said...

    Looks like I'm not the only Columbus girl that likes your blog haha! I want to check out the analytics of my blog now!

    Sara said...

    This is such a great tool! I recently started using it for my blog and I LOVE it!
    Merry Christmas! :)
    -Sara at

    Portuguese Prepster said...

    ooo I have to check this out!

    Anonymous said...

    I use a similar product for my blog called StatCounter. It's not quite as detailed as GA, but provides the same kind of information. I've experienced similar phenomena geographically--very few hits in my immediate vicinity. I also get plenty of hits from Richmond, which is very gratifying, so big shout-outs to my friends down I-64! Was anyone here at the Jen Lancaster event last May?

    Grace said...

    I've been meaning to check it out! That's so cool that your readers are all over; hi from above the MD line--Iowa! :)

    Anonymous said...

    hi,i am from Iran. i have followed ur blog for a long time. just wanted to say hi.

    Kate said...

    This looks like so much fun! I have Google Analytics, I might have to do a post on this!

    Emily said...

    I LOVE G.A. It is so cool seeing traffic sources, who is currently on your site (this is my favorite!) and how they find it! :)


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