Thursday, January 19, 2012

Customer Service Dissappointment

Remember at the very end of 2011 I posted about how much I love Gallery Leather's planners? Remember how I said they are the best? Well, they still are wonderful and I do still love the product. While it is wonderful quality, I will not be doing business with them. Ever again.

Here's a little back story. I placed my order on December 26th, fully paid for, but the website said that it wouldn't be shipped until January 6th. Well, my old planner had the future monthly planner so I figured I could hold off a bit. Well, January 6th rolled around and I never got a confirmation e-mail to confirm that my order had shipped. On January 9th, I e-mailed the contact information for Gallery Leather that they had listed on their website. I gave them my order number and asked them if my order had shipped and if not, if it will be shipped that day or tomorrow. I explained that I really needed my planner and was counting on the January 6 ship date.

Let me preface this next part by saying my e-mail was very friendly. All I got back from the company was a one sentence response. Not a hi, not a thank you for ordering, not an explanation but an "Your order has not shipped and should ship Friday". That is an entire WEEK after it was supposed to ship. I wouldn't care so much if this was a piece of clothing or anything else, but this is a planner. Something that I literally plan my life with and absolutely need. I was willing to spare a week without it, but this just made me annoyed.

I promptly replied asking if there was any way to hurry the shipping along because it clearly stated that the planner would be available on January 6th (still very polite). All I got back in response was "I will check tomorrow and see what they are able to do." The woman never followed up like she said so I sent her a follow-up e-mail asking if anything was able to be done about getting my planner to me sooner. There was nothing she could do.

I tried to be patient and hold  my tongue.

I waited FIVE more days. Finally I broke and sent another e-mail because I had STILL not received a shipping confirmation. I sent a polite yet stiff e-mail basically saying "what is going on with my order, I am extremely dissatisfied with the customer service I received and the false advertisement of the availability of your product."

All I get back is "your order was shipped out today". That's it.  No apology, no rectifying the situation in any way, no saving face. Not even an explanation. NOTHING.

Well I hate to say this, because Gallery Leather does offer a good quality product and I've gotten very used to it over the years, however, I am going to need to find a new planner come 2013. Sorry Gallery Leather but you lost a loyal customer.

Have you ever had something like this happen? Do you shop companies after you read a complaint? Isn't it so disappointing? I felt like I had to say something especially after I wrote such high praises about them previously-- I don't want anyone to think I promote this kind of terrible customer service!! Well, that's my rant for today! I promise no ranting tomorrow!! Have a fabulous day!


Virginia said...

This happened once to me at Girly Twirly and after I sent the long dissatisfied e-mail (it took 6 weeks to get a product that was supposed to take 7 to 14 days) they tried to fix it, but there's only so much a company can do after the fact; it's what happens during the transaction that makes the most impact. Customer service is soooo important!!

If there is a company that sells something I desperately want but I've read a bad review, I'll usually order anyway but if it's a place with a product that I could get anywhere, I see no need to!

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

That’s SO need to use Graphic Image for planners from now on. Graphic Image is the best! Once I ordered 2 tops from Elizabeth never came and I emailed them to see what the status was and they NEVER responded. I still shop there bc I like the clothes so much! xx

Kappa Prep said...

I REFUSE to support companies with poor customer service. In this economy they should really be going above and beyond. I will NEVER buy from Kate Spade directly EVER AGAIN after an issue this Fall which they never really rectified. I would look into Graphic Image planners. I LOVE mine and it is similar to the ones you have posted. The mistakenly sent my the incorrect product (wrong monogram) and overnighted me a new product with the correct monogram and an additional treat as well. They go above and beyond making their product worth every penny!

Ann said...

I would have promply asked for my money back and found a new planner company! I am a firm believer in customer service!!!

Jamie said...

I recently emailed a complaint to Home Depot after 2 very disappointing customer service incidents. They sent a very nice email response and phone call but the damage has been done. We give Lowes all of our money now.

Anonymous said...

I have had problems with Swell Caroline! The absolute worst customer service I have ever received. Customer service at target was better than what I received with Swell Caroline. I am so sorry to hear about this company! It is so unfortunate that the lady was so rude to you!

Summer Wind said...

I am glad I am not alone in the bad customer service department. Hopsy-- I TOTALLY agree with you about customer service, I remember reading about your issue with KS.

Hopsy and EAS, I will definitely have to check into Graphic Image, I've heard many good things about the company.

Crystal, I've personally never had an issue with SC but I've recently heard of several with complaints.

Anonymous said...

That happened to me, but 10x worse with Emma Graham Designs. I ordered a gameday dress over a month before the game I was planning on going home for. Confirmed via email with them exactly what color sash I wanted. They still sent the wrong color. They said they'd ship me a new one in time for the game. They never did. Then they told me they were out of the fabric (solid blue must be very hard to come by...). Then after I sent the dress back because it was obvious I would not be getting the completed-product anytime soon, it took them OVER 2 months from my return to give me a refund. This entire ordeal went from end of August until beginning of January. Needless to say, I will NEVER purchase from them again.

Taylor Gene said...

That really stinks. :( .. Customer service can really change the way you view your favorite products and can be really frustrating. Im surprised you had that much patience.. I would have been asking for a refund immediately lol.Try an Erin Condrine one or Lilly Pulitzer! Btw, where did you get your vv stickers from?

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I had THE worst customer service incident this year with Best Buy. I mean literally their supervisor on the phone told me word for word that I was sh*t out of luck" and when I asked him about their guarantee he proceeded to tell me that the employees were new and didn't know what they were talking about. Yeah I called their corporate and talked to them about how bad it was!

Emily said...

I've had problems with a few Etsy stores (with reallly great products) but no emails and horrible service is grounds for removal from my "favorite things" list! I've also had trouble with swell caroline. Months have gone by before I received my orders. I think SC got too big too fast & doesn't know how to handle it! I hate this happened to your planner!


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