Friday, February 17, 2012


Last weekend, cCm went to her Snowball dance. It was one where the girls asked the guys. She wore the dress I wore on New Years Eve and I have to say she looked fabulous!
 cCm and daddy
cCm and her date! Doesn't she look so pretty?!
The whole group!
I absolutely loved high school dances. I looked forward to each and every one and am proud to say that I went to them all! They are such a fun thing that is kind of out of the norm for a high school-er. Plus, I think it teaches the guys how to treat a lady and how to be a gentleman.
Have a fabulous day!


Miss Margarita said...

She looks so pretty!!

Jenna said...

She looks beautiful! Gorgeous dress. And I LOVED all of my high school dances, too! I went to an all girls school so not only did we have our own dances to go to, but the boys' dances to attend, as well! :)

Café Moka said...

Love her dress! So pretty!

Melissa said...

That dress is so nice and she looks beautiful!

Grace said...

Her dress is so cute! I can't wait to go to my high school's!

Sarah said...

I love her dress. I always loved dances!

Portuguese Prepster said...

I agree, I loved high school dances! she looks gorgeous!


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