Thursday, March 8, 2012

A+ for Old Navy

We have an Old Navy at my school and in the past four years, I have ever only stopped in once. I am not really an Old Navy shopper but will occasionally stop in to get some basics. Being home, I stopped in to check out the items and I can tell you right now, I am going back when I have the time to try things on and loading up. I have never seen Old Navy with so many appealing colors, cuts, and variety. Usually I find Old Navy to have odd colors and very cheaply made items. This season it seems as if they are stepping up their game and still keeping their prices very low. Here are my picks!
For $35 these are a steal! They have this denim in a rainbow of colors and the fit is comfortable and flattering. 

Another $35 steal. I love this as a swimsuit coverup but also love it as a casual summer dress! 
I love the cut of this top. This also comes in a variety of colors and even some prints but this turquoise-y shade is my favorite. This would look great with dark denim, light pink denim, or white denim! 
This is the perfect way to sport the neon trend that is so popular. Not quite glowing bright, but just the perfect punch of pink. This is another top that is so versatile with a variety of bottoms. 
I LOVE this top. I've seen it floating around the blogosphere for a while now and have to say that it is a must have for spring! 
Are you loving Old Navy right now? Are you an ON shopper? Have a fabulous day!


Rosie said...

Oh my goodness - so weird. Yesterday I saw an ad for Old Navy denim in all the spring colors. I've never been to an Old Navy ever before like my whole life, but yesterday I wanted to go so badly! Just need to track one down, don't think I have one near campus. Isn't it like basically the same prices as Forever 21?

cRk said...

Great finds! I found some cute flats there the other day!!

Anonymous said...

I just went to Old Navy the other day and was also pleasantly surprised! Unfortunately, they did not have the sailboat top which is what I was looking for. Their prices are so good that you can pick up some trendier pieces and not feel bad if you only wear them a few times. Thanks for sharing!

CALLIE said...

O, girl!! I am an Old Navy expert. We don't have many options around here, so lots of times it's the only option. I too, used to just go for the basics, but in the last year or two they have stepped up their game MAJOR!!! It's definitely worth another trip.

Miss Margarita said...

love the green blouse!

Grace said...

Old Navy is definitely great for cheap, preppy pieces! I got some red, white and blue boat shoes there a while back and love them!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I always either score a huge amount from Old Navy or can never find anything! I love those green jeans though, so I'm going to have to pop in there this weekend!

Preppy Buckeye said...

I agree!! I just went to old navy and had the best luck :)


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