Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Haute Headbands

It is no secret that I love headbands. I often receive emails about where I find headbands. I have quite the extensive collection. My response to the headband question is that I have gathered them from over the years and some are even from when I was a child that my mother saved. However, for new headband collectors, I always direct them to Etsy because there are a lot of really neat options for very reasonable prices. 

However, it is important to own some really great quality, classic headbands and that is where L. Erickson comes in.
I love the bright and extensive color options. Personally, I like thinner headbands but it all depends on what works best with your hair. I think it is important to have black, white and brown headbands as neutral options.
This is another great addition to your headband repertoire. This classic horse bit headband will add a pop to any ensemble.  

A tortoise shell headband is another classic and must in any headband collection. They are hard to find but I have found them every once in a while in J. Crew and at Nordstrom. This is by France Luxe, a branch of L. Erickson. 
The Blair Bow headband is a classic and absolutely perfect for the summer months. I just posted about wearing an all white outfit and this would be a chic accessory to add that pop of color.
If you are looking for a more classic headband, then this is the perfect addition. I have this one and wear it constantly during the winter months. It is versatile and subtle and definitely not too childish.
Last but not least, you have to have a grosgrain ribbon headband in your collection. Those are my favorite kind of headband, however, I have yet to find a navy blue, plain grosgrain ribbon headband!

Where do you find your favorite headbands? Have a fabulous day!


Anonymous said...

Very cute. Love the stripes for summer. xo

Lulu {The Home You Make} said...

I love this post, thanks for the suggestions! I love my classic horse bit headband..sooo cute! The j crew tortoise is also a favorite! xo

Forever in Pearls said...

I love headbands. Unfortunately, I can't wear them without having a pounding headache after a couple of hours. The few that I do own are from J.Crew though.

Christine said...

These are all really great options! Thanks for sharing!

preppylove said...

AWESOME suggestions! I hadn't heard of that brand but I definitely wrote it down now. I am really loving the seersucker bow ones and the horse bit ones!


Madilene Lake said...

Love these! I love headbands but definitely don't want to look too young. Great options!

Unknown said...

so cute!!

rFe said...

So obsessed with headbands as well! Surprisingly, Forever 21 has some fun headbands for like $2 or $3 each! So cheap! I like to buy those every once and while because the ones I order off Etsy are a little more pricey - love your blog!

Grace said...

Love this post! Definitely think I need a horse bit headband now!

Anonymous said...

How do you store your headbands?


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