Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Frat Collection

The Frat Collection is a fun company. I mean, they let you create the ultimate "party tee"... and for a college student, or recent graduate like myself, who can resist a good pocket tee (a.k.a. "frocket")??? I have my collection from college and I can say that whether you are Greek or not, you are going to want to get your hands on one of these tees solely because of how soft it is.

The Frat Collection generously offered me a credit towards creating my favorite tee. My finished product?

I chose a salmon colored tee with the "Lynn" pocket which is a fun blue patchwork. Each pocket has the cute signature pink and blue bow embroidered at the top. I originally was going to go for a plain white shirt because it would match with a lot more, however, this salmon shade mixed with the patchwork pocket seemed a lot more fun and unique. 

I paired my Frat Collection tee with simple white chino shorts for a casual look. I also plan to pair it with denim shorts and norts (a.k.a. Nike shorts). As for sizing, I would say that they are generous. I usually opt for a size medium because I like over-sized t-shirts, but I chose a small and it is plenty roomy and comfortable. The fabric feels like it has been worn a million times because it is so soft, but the material is heavy weight, high quality cotton. 

Above is another outfit combo for lounging around the house or working out (have to rep cCm's school). I can say right now that I will definitely be shopping the Frat Collection again. My next purchase will be a white shirt with the "Betsy" which is a flag print. 

Have you shopped the Frat Collection? What is your favorite combo? Have a fabulous day! 


Arielle said...

Super cute! I'm definitely going to have to get one, or two! :)

Grace said...

How cute! I keep meaning to get one. :)

Big World, Bigger Dreams said...

Love love love that shirt definitely going to get myself one!

Sarah said...

I love what you picked! That frocket looks great!

Hannah Zizzi said...

I need help choosing a combo because they wont give a preview of what it will look like....

Anonymous said...

These shirts are super cute and very comfortable (similar to the comfort colors brand). They have so many options and combinations to choose from and are the perfect gift for anyone at any age. I am a Campus Rep for the company, use coupon code "glen" for 10% off each item in your next purchase!!


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