Thursday, August 9, 2012

Preseason: HERE WE GO

In a Pittsburgher's eyes, today is just as exciting as a white Christmas. What could possibly be that great? To give you a hint, read past years posts here, here, here and here. Tonight at 7:30,  the first preseason game kicks off, of course! Unfortunately, it's away... in that other, lesser half of the state ;). I think their team name is coined after some bird... oh well, not important.

Football for me, is like a religion. I mean, I was cheerleading captain, come on people...GO GO GO FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT WIN WIN WIN (hey, I've still got it!). I remember being under the lights cheering the boys on to victory-- definitely the best memories of high school came from those Friday nights. I can remember games where the girls and I would literally be in tears from happiness or from loss. It was a big thing to us.

Then college came and I wasn't that into the James Madison Dukes. Maybe it was because I ditched my pom poms and went ZTA.  Instead of football, I put my heart into my sorority. Plus... no offense, but I really dislike the purple and gold color combo (I still love you, JMU!). Although I do miss the tailgating!

So today, I reminisce football seasons of the past and get excited for this season because I will finally be in Pittsburgh for the games and nowhere near a Ravens player or fan... Seriously... those Ravens play nasty...I'm looking at you, Suggs (oh, wait, you could be out for the whole season... HA! I can play dirty too, ya know). Kidding, kidding... or am I?!

Speaking of football season, there are a few necessities. Here are my picks and tricks!

First, you need your apps. If you are not a Steelers fan, there is probably an app for your team out there. The ESPN Score Center app is AWESOME. You can pick and choose all of your favorite teams and get up-to-the-second updates and scores. My teams are: JMU Dukes, Kentucky Wildcats, Pittsburgh Pirates, Pittsburgh Steelers, Pitt Panthers and Pittsburgh Penguins.

You also need the schedule so you never miss a game. This is the Go Steelers! app, but again, I bet other teams have very similar apps.

Next up: the attire. Nike Tempo shorts. Obsessed. Nike covers all of the NFC/AFC so they are sure to have your favorite team.

Next, you need the perfect tee... I personally don't do jerseys... I leave that to the males. My favorite are Junk Food tees. They are super soft and comfortable and have a relaxed fit but don't look like something you'd sleep in.

This is a photo of me in one of my Junk Food tees. Please excuse my no makeup, crazy hair... I was going wake boarding.

Here are some extra fun accessories (use the arrows to scroll through)... did you know that Vineyard Vines and Victoria's Secret offer NFL products? 

For all of you Pittsburgher's, you need a Tervis to keep your Iron City cold! No worries, non-Pittsburgher's can get their team of choice too--they have all teams A-Z. 

Here's an OOTD from a few years back to give you an idea of what to do when you want to dress in your team's colors, but not wear a t-shirt. 
Here is another example of game day attire. Pick a Lilly dress with a simple color scheme. This way, you can sport your Lilly and support your team!

Last but not least, you need an adorable bow! Remember when I got this from Etsy for the 2011 Superbowl?

Are you ready for game day?! Have a fabulous day and GO STEELERS!


Allison S. said...

Here we go Steeler Here We Go!!!!!

Katherine Diane said...

I'm not a pro football fan, but I love college football and cannot wait for the first kick off! :)

M. Michelle said...

Your excitement for football is how I feel about baseball! And the yellow Lilly dress was killer! I'm obsessed.

BAH said...

Go Steelers! I just pulled out my VV tote yesterday :)

Kate said...

Go Steelers!!! How have I not seen the Nike shorts?!

Love the anchors on your phone too

Grace said...

Love these outfit ideas! I wish I could find some Patriots norts!


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