Monday, September 10, 2012

15 Minute Mani

If you are like me and only get manicures (I prefer Gel!) when there is a special event or occassion, then being "good" at painting your nails is important. I am high maintenance when it comes to painting my own nails (who are we kidding... I am a bit high maintenance in general). I don't like when my nails look like a 10 year old did them (and when I'm in a rush, they do). I like to sit down, really concentrate and take my time because nail painting is not my strongest suit. Here is how I do my own at-home mani.

Step 1
Lay out an old towel to set up your "tools". I like to have:

  • Base Coat
  • Quick Dry Top Coat (I like Sally Hansen's)
  • Manicure kit (clippers, trimmers, cuticle pusher, etc.)
  • Cotton balls and q-tips
  • Emory board
  • Several nail colors to choose from

Step 2

Remove old polish with acetone nail polish remover. I prefer the Target brand.

Step 3
Use the BeautiControl Margarita Instant Manicure (this stuff makes your hands SO smooth and look like you just got your nails done professionally)... Remember my other favorite BeautiControl product from my JMU friend, Becca?

Step 4
Apply Base Coat and allow to fully dry.

Step 5
Add two coats of color and top off with a quick-dry top coat.

Step 6
Carefully fix mistakes with a q-tip saturated with polish remover.

Step 6
Moisturize... Another new BeautiControl favorite from the Margarita line... it really does smell like margaritas! Another favorite moisturizer is Crabtree and Evelyn's Hand Therapy.. I always have a tube in my handbag.

Step 7
Add a pretty ring and let your nails air dry (I borrowed my Mom's gorgeous opal and diamond ring). I find that they look the best the day after I polish them.

Click the arrows to scroll through some of my favorite polish shades! Do you have any great at-home mani tips? What are your favorite polish colors? For this weeks mani, I opted for RGB's too red. Have a fabulous day!



Gracie Beth said...

You should try an at home gel kit! I have one and I love it!

Portuguese Prepster said...

great tips! Especially at school I usually end up doing my nails myself and can do just as good of a job as a salon!

Anonymous said...

I might have to try this out, I can get behind anything called "Margarita!"

Julie said...

Your nails look great! I am absolutely TERRIBLE at doing mine. I prefer bright red, which shows all of my mistakes. I am going to try this out :)


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