Friday, September 28, 2012

412 News: Wild Alaskan Grille

Several weekends ago I went to a new restaurant in the Strip District of downtown Pittsburgh. The restaurant, Wild Alaskan Grille is owned by Luke Wholey... Pittsburgher's may recognize Wholey from Wholey's fish market also located in the Strip District. (Apologies for the poor picture quality, all I had on me was my iPhone).

The restaurant is located in a large, open warehouse space. Super high ceilings, exposed brick and a "hip" atmosphere make for a great place to dine. We didn't have a reservation and just showed up around 7:30pm (on a Saturday) and got seated right away. The tables are really neat because they are recycled spools from fishing wire; they definitely fit in with the warehouse vibe.

They had a really fun drink list. I usually always order a Tanqueray and tonic if I am ordering a mixed drink, but because their list was so fun, I ordered the mojito which was pretty good.

During the course of the night, they had the Pirate and Steelers pre-season game projected on one of the walls while a DJ set up on a balcony.

My meal was easily the best I've ever had and had some great selections. They even had $2 blue crabs... it was a feast of epic proportions.

I had the lobster bisque to start off with (cCm and I nickname it lobby bisque). It was SO good. Huge chunks of lobster and rich, creamy, flavorful broth. It was out of this world good and I've tried a ton of seafood bisques. For my entree, I had the land and sea which had filet, shrimp and scallops. It was done perfectly and tasted delicious. There wasn't a thing I would have changed about my meal.

Pretty snazzy tables, huh?! If you live in Pittsburgh or are visiting, this is definitely a place that I recommend!

Remember this OOTD? This was what my mom and I wore to Wild Alaskan Grille!
Have a fabulous day!

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Sarah Brooke said...

I went to college in VA with one of the Pittsburgh Wholeys - small world. Looks like a great place!


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