Thursday, September 6, 2012

Plaid Perfection

Happy NYFW everyone! I hope everyone who is attending/hosting/working the events/shows/parties in the Big Apple has tons of fun and doesn't stress too much. I am sad to report that being a working girl means no trips to NYC and no fashion week events pour moi... but, next year I am making it a priority because turning down those invites made me die a little each time!!!

Do you ever see something that catches your eye and think "that was made for me"? Usually for me, it is when I try on a dress that is the perfect fit, but as soon as I saw Southern Proper's Facebook page, I died because it was so perfect... and only $5!

The plaid is to die for. I am a sucker for anything with a great tartan. The sayings remind me of the Kate Spade if they had a few drinks in them ;). Find them here
"Tipsy and Tied"
"Plastered but Proper"
"Overdressed and Overserved"
If you've ever been to a southern college football tailgate, then you'll agree that this is an extremely accurate statement. 
These are definitely not your everyday koozies-- I would whip these bad boys out for fun occasions like horse races, tailgates and football weekends... These koozies are for the 21 and up set and definitely not for your Monday afternoon Diet Coke.

I hadn't been on SP's website for some time so I kept browsing and stumbled upon the most perfect iPhone cases...

This reminds me a lot of the Tory Burch fox case, but in fact, I like the mallard much more! 

I love the horse bit one as well. Very Gucci-esque, no? 

Dear SP, I think you read my mind. I'll take one of everything please! Southerm Proper, you have won me over once again... now just make the Belle Bands in the gorgeous plaids  and you will really have my heart! Have a fabulous day!


Evann said...

Loving ALL of those coozies and the plaid iPhone case. I have a mild obsession with plaid and can't wait for fall to officially be here.

Tori said...

Drooling over the plaid iPhone case!


Katherine Diane said...

I love those phone cases! I might have to get one.

Anonymous said...

I bought a coozie for my boyfriend and I after seeing these. Can't wait to get them!!


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