Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Why I Love RueLaLa

I read an article a while ago about online sample sales and how they really aren't that great of a deal. Well.. I totally disagree and here is my too-cute proof:

I scored two pair of Jack Roger flats from RueLaLa for $80 less than one pair on the Jack Rogers website...If that's not a good deal, then I really don't know what is.

The pair on the left is the slim ballet flat which retails for $198... I believe I paid about $60. The right pair (which I like the best) is called the Betty flat (I don't think JR makes this style anymore) and again, I think I only paid $60 for them. 

Both pairs are super comfortable and lightweight and I love the stitching detail but in no way is the quality up to par with the $200 price tag (the Betty feel more substantial than the slim just as an FYI).  

Well, the reason I posted this today is because at 11:00AM ET, Jack Rogers will be on RueLaLa once again. I'm not sure if it will just be Navajos or if there will be flats, but if you can snag a pair, they are totally worth the $60 price tag! If you aren't a member of RueLaLa, click here for an invite. 

Have you found some great deals on RLL? Have a fabulous day! 


Doloris van der Bergh said...

the black ones are so cute! that was a good bargain :)
xo dVb

Mary Clark said...

Sadly, this sale wasn't as good...
p.s. sorry for so many comments on the last post, I was confused as to why it wasn't showing up to me at first... my bad


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