Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Five (Random Thoughts Version)

This Friday post is super random because I have had a super busy/exciting week and have been working a ton. Here are a few thoughts... (p.s. like the selfie?!)
  • My face is super shiny. All. The. Time. Seriously though, I need a solution. I already use those blotting papers and powder. Anyone have any thoughts on my situation?
  • Has anyone tried the at home gel manicure kits? I am totally interested! I have seen them at Wally World and want to try them out if they work well!
  • I just got a new makeup bag from Target (of all places) and it is the cutest! I am going to have to do a post on it because it is so perfect! 
  • What are you being for Halloween?! This is the first Halloween that I haven't planned something out in advance-- I need quick and easy suggestions for a Halloween party tomorrow night! 
  • cCm is going to do a blog or two here on Summer Wind every month. Do you have any ideas for her? She is going to write about her experience at Kentucky so far, what she is loving for fall/winter and Keeneland/tailgating. Any other suggestions would be great. 
Alright, that is all before I bored everyone to tears. Happy Friday!!!!! 



E said...

I use a mattifying primer on my face before I put on foundation. I think that helps make my face look less shiny. It's the clean slate poreless primer by tarte. I got it at Sephora.

Cotton said...

I think I might be Dolly Parton for halloween! I have an obnoxiously awesome sparkle dress i got at a thrift store. Tease my big blonde curls up and throw on my heeled cowgirl boots! easy, comfy, but fun!

Miss Southern Prep said...

My face also tends to be really shiny, but I started using Urban Decay de-slick oil makeup setting spray and it is amazing! I spray it on before putting on my makeup and after, and not only does it keep my makeup on, but I'm also not shiny at all! I got mine at Ulta, but I'm sure they sell them other places!

Here's the link to my post about it:

Mariel said...

For your skin, try a natural face wash with tea tree oil in it. It has balanced out my skin, and it only becomes shiny the next day!

AlinaF said...

my skin does that too!!! i found that powder makes it worse ( i use pur minerals stuff.. great for coverage, but makes skin SOOOOOOOOOO shiny!)

Anonymous said...

I have a gel kit, and I'm obsessed with it. (I wrote a review here;

Since I got it last year, I haven't painted my nails any other way. Its a little pricey initially, but it's so worth it in the end!

Eliza said...

Your skin could be shiny for the same reason mine is: it's too dry. Maybe try a heavier moisturizer? It is colder and drier now outside, so your skin might just be crying out for hydration. Hope that helps! :)

Hopsy said...

I use the gel kit and LOVE it! I have not gotten a mani in almost two months!

Portuguese Prepster said...

I'm being a Furby! I can't wait to read your sister's posts!

Caroline said...

I was a sailor for a Halloween party I went to tonight. I kept it really simple with a navy and white striped sweater (I already had), sperrys and a sailor hat! Cute, comfortable and simple!

Caroline said...

I gave myself a gel manicure at home! I didn't have a kit, but I actually received the necessary supplies in a blogger swap. I think it worked out really well and my nails were noticeably thicker and shinier. Even the little girl I babysit for commented that my nails looked better! haha

I did a post about it here if you are interested:

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

My friend gets a pumpkin facial once every couple of months. She has really shiny/oily skin and it really makes a difference! If you're willing to shell out a little money for it, the results are pretty awesome.

My boyfriend's sister uses the gel manicure and keeps convincing me to use it! She says it stays on for 3 weeks. The best part is if you spill the nailpolish it doesn't dry on anything but under the gel UV light!

Hope this helps :)

Gracie Beth said...

Wait until the Sally Hansen gel color STRIPS kit comes out this November!


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