Thursday, December 6, 2012

New Years with Oasis

Oasis is an online clothing brand that is based across the pond,  in the UK, and I am obsessed. It is a toss up between Forever21 and Zara with trendy/fun pieces. Oasis recently sent me a piece which is too cute... but you will have to wait to see an OOTD until the spring because it is not appropriate for winter months.. I would freeze! 

When I was browsing through the site, I saw a TON of dresses that would be New Years Eve appropriate. New Years Eve is such a stressful time (am I the only one that thinks this?!). I think it is stressful because you have to come up with plans that are out of the ordinary and coordinate with all your friends (usually it involves traveling and hotel of some sort which is another pain)... but in the end it is all worth it and in my opinion, the best holiday of the year! I think the fun starts even before New Years Eve because there is nothing I love more than picking out a fancy cocktail dress. NYE s that one day of the year where you can get totally glammed up in your sparkly best. 

Here are my picks from Oasis for New Years Even frocks (plus they are very affordable which is an added bonus!). 

Aren't they fun? Have you shopped Oasis before? What are you wearing for New Years Even? Have a fabulous day!


Cotton said...

love the red option!Would totally be my pick :)

hollygolightly said...

Oasis is very easy and pleasing to shop at. It has the knack of providing both work clothes and party clothes AND picks up on current trends without total overkill! It's not as 'famous' a British brand as say, Topshop, but I'm pleased you've highlighted it! xx


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