Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spring Break: The Girl from Ipanema

Ohhhh how I wish I could tell you all I was going on a fabulous spring break, somewhere warm and tropical. I was thinking Ibiza or Ipanema... I could be the girl from Ipanema, you know... tall and tan and young and lovely (YouTube link in case any of you youngsters don't get the reference). In my dreams. 

In college, they give you all this time off for leisure, they forget to remind you that this just doesn't exist in the real world. But, I figured, if I was still at JMU, I would be going somewhere nice and warm in just a few days. So what would I pack?

First, I would arrive off the tiny little plane in this gorgeous linen Island Company via Country Squire Haberdashery frock (bathing suit also underneath for quickest beach action, also Island Company via CSH). They know how to do spring break down south at CSH. Proof in point... see below... 

In case I need to run into town... for some caipirinhas I'd wear this get-up. Oversized Ralph Lauren OCBD and the cuuuuuuutest LP shorts there ever were. Naturally, CSH still has them in this print (one of my absolute faves!) and many, many others. cCm has the LP Callie skirt in this print... needless to say, we're having sister matching day as soon as the temperature hits 70 degrees. 

I've deemed Bonanno's an absolute necessity. CSH has true Nantucket red Boanno's (you know, like the actually red they had at Murray's). 

A girl from Ipanema needs her options. We're talking a Lilly and Vineyard Vines party in your suitcase. 

You also need some clutches of the brightly colored sort and it doesn't hurt if they're monogrammed. Sunnies are a necessity. RayBan clearly being my drug of choice. My next RayBan splurge is coming soon, I can feel it and it will be the fabulous Meteor model. Lip balm, another necessity. Sugar is a favorite in the entire C household. cCm, my mom and I all swear by this stuff. It's great. 

Where are you going on Spring Break? Do tell, I want to live vicariously through you! What are your must-pack items? 

And boys, no worries, I won't leave you out. Stock up on Vineyard Vines colored shorts at CSH because they are on promotion: buy 2 get the third pair free. What colors shall you choose? Let me guide you on this one.. rhubarb or lobster reef to take care of the pink family, Maui blue, and Iguana. Add a grosgrain or needlepoint belt, and you are all set.  

Have a fabulous day! See you in Ipanema!


Miss Margarita said...

love your shorts!!

Miss Southern Prep said...

I love your bag and coverup! Perfect for summer!

Kerry said...

I am seriously in love with all of the things you've highlighted. Will any of the other pieces from Country Squire Shop be on promotion? I'd love to have some of those pieces!

Portuguese Prepster said...

love this post so fun! I went to Palm beach and few weekends ago with my boyfriend and was so excited to wear some tunics! I'll just be in NYC for break so not too warm haha!

JoJo Reilly said...

Love your outfits! I am currently in Hawaii and packed all Lilly for the week! xoxo JoJo

linda said...

You look darling!!!!!!


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