Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Summer Style

I love following brands on Facebook. It is so easy to scroll through the newsfeed and read up on the latest while also being able to see the pictures of a brand's products. Well, while scrolling, I spotted a must have tote bag:

Made by a personal favorite brand of mine... can any one guess... 

If you guessed Skirtin' Around, you are correct! How fun is this nautically chic, red, white and blue tote! Definitely 4th of July approved. 

And then I had to do some browsing on the site... umm yeah, I'll take one of these dresses in each pattern please and thank you! 
And while I'm on the subject of summer bags.... This J. McLaughlin pretty has been calling my name. 

And those repp stripe accessories... I'll take one of each. 

Have a fabulous day!

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