Monday, May 20, 2013

Summer Wind Apologizes!!!

All of the Summer Wind readers out there deserve a HUGE apology! Over this weekend, I headed to Annapolis to visit my bff and big sister in my sorority dLn. With 8 hours of driving in one weekend, I had lots of thinking time. 

As I was shuffling through my thoughts, I was thinking about how few blogger e-mails I have been receiving recently. As I thought longer about it, I realized in the past few weeks I have received NONE. Which is a huge shocker considering I receive at least 20 daily. 

Well, it hit me... my Summer Wind e-mail stopped forwarding to my personal inbox. This has been going on for over a month! At first, Gmail was only forwarding a few, and then it stopped completely. I feel so clumsy and embarrassed for not realizing this sooner and want to apologize to anyone that has sent me an e-mail as of recently. I am making it my goal to work on getting back to everyone that e-mailed me in the past few weeks, so please bear with me as I sort through my Summer Wind inbox. 

E-mails started to slowly stop sending starting March 22 and by April 24, I stopped receiving all Summer Wind e-mails. So, if you have not heard a response, you will hear a response this week.

For all of you that have your e-mails forwarded into one inbox, be warned, this could happen to you-- make sure they are forwarding!  
Apologies x 1,000!!! 

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