Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Pullover

The Shep Shirt
Now that I am out of college, I have a need for pullovers without my college/sorority plastered all over, plus, something that is a little more put together than your average sweatshirt. The Shep Shirt is the perfect compromise between comfort and put-togetherness. I wear my Shep Shirt on weekends and sometimes, even to work. It's a step up from the uber sporty Patagonia snap-t and more appropriate for those cool summer evenings.

I am absolutely drooling over Vineyard Vines latest and greatest Shep Shirt's! Gingham and Madras, oh my!

The Skipper
Butttttt, Lilly Pulitzer has now entered the pullover game and I couldn't be more excited! The Skipper, which is a very similar design to the Shep Shirt boasts the colorful Lilly patterns that everyone knows and loves.

The real question is which would you choose? Let's take a vote and maybe that will persuade my decision. I'm leaning towards the gingham or madras SS (in navy)... but Lilly is really hard to resist. Either would look fabulous with a monogram (but then again, what doesn't look fabulous with a monogram?!).

Shep or Skipper?! free polls 
Weigh in! I'm anxious to see the results. Have a fabulous day! 


LuLu said...

I do not own a shep shirt yet, but I want one. I love the gingham details on a few of the designs. It is so cute, and I have looked at them both online and in the store so many times. I need to just pull the trigger and get one. :)

Emily said...

I love the Madras VV one, while the Lilly ones are obviously adorable I think they might just be a little too much - I tend to wear pullovers like these extremely often and I think the Lilly one is so eccentric you would only be able to wear it a few times before everyone around you remembered it!

xx Emily @

JR Mazur said...

the Shep Shirt fits perfectly and is just overall amazing!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

I am dying for the Lilly pullover in light purple!

BAH said...

I own seven Shep Shirts ... enough said :)

BAH said...

I own seven Shep Shirts ... enough said :)

Megan said...

I just tried on the shep shirt from VV, love the details. Perfect for this time of year!


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