Thursday, June 13, 2013

Throwback Thursday: High School

Last week was my high school alma mater's graduation. cCm graduated last year and it brought back my fond memories from those days as did this passing graduation! I am so lucky to have not only had an amazing college experience but also an incredible high school experience. I am so lucky to still be best friends with so many that I went to high school with. 

I don't normally participate in #throwbackthursday but I thought it'd be fun to go down memory lane since I have only been writing at Summer Wind since the end of my freshman year of college! Here are a roundup of some random photos from my senior year of high school! 

MQ, KB, Me, DS, KJ

 Mom, me, daddy on Senior rec! 
 We layed out in kMl's pool considering there was no water in it. 
 Celebrating dSc's 18th birthday! (me, kMl, eFm, kBm, aSm, dSc)
 Celebrating kMl's last night before she went to college! (kBm, dSc, eFm, me, kMl)
 Thankfully, my entire group of friends enjoyed desserts.
 As you can tell... 
 Florida for our senior trip! 
Bff OV.. I need to find the photos of when my bff's bSm, OV and I went to NYC to see Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds at Radio City-- that was such a fun trip... I remember us feeling so "adult". HA! 
Isn't it crazy how time passes but your friends are always your friends?! I love it! 
Have a fabulous day! 

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Portuguese Prepster said...

you look like such a baby! but still gorgeous! I had an awesome high school experience too and am super close to my friends! I think it's great to still have high school friends to rely on!


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