Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Let's talk about the time I unplugged... Ok, kind of. I recently went on vacation (as if you couldn't tell from some blog posts, tweets, and instagrams ;). 
En route from Michigan to Atlanta
The week before I went on vacation I logged 70 hours of work. No exaggeration there. I'm not complaining, because I truly enjoy what I do and the like the people I work with, but I would be lying if I didn't say that I was absolutely exhausted by week's end. Because I knew that I would be working and traveling a ton that week, I planned ahead. 
I wrote a ton of scheduled posts. I didn't have to write a single one while on vacation. I didn't bring my computer on vacation, and I almost ignored all text messages (sorry friends, mom, dad, cCm, boys... ). 
I didn't read a single blog. I checked Summer Wind daily on my iPad to make sure it was posting and Tweeted/Instagrammed some, but I was unplugged. I didn't answer or read any work related or personal e-mails. I felt so free. 
It was so nice to just be with family and not spend time on the computer. We played games, went on bike rides, shopped, went to the beach, played bocce, had a bonfire, looked for crabs at night (creeeeeepy), and watched movies. It really brought me back down to earth in regards to being connected at all times. 
Have you ever taken an internet/computer/phone/iPad/etc. break? I am going to try and do this more often. Have a fabulous day! 


Hunter Thiers said...

It is amazing how being unplugged can be so relaxing! Last week my mom and I hung out and I wasn't on the computer except blog posting. I have never felt more relaxed!


Annie said...

Good for you girl, that's awesome!

We are going to Europe in a few weeks and that will be my unplugged time for the first time ever. I'm nervous!

Miss Southern Prep said...

Sometimes just unplugging for an hour makes me so much more relaxed, especially when I'm stressed! It looks like you had a fab vacation!

Briana Luca said...

I've been thinking of unplugging for a while, I just don't know how to start going about it, I am way too attached to my technology and would have to PLAN a day to unplug. It's great to know that it is possible, I'll have to try it out! Good for you for successfully unplugging :)

Portuguese Prepster said...

that sounds absolutely fabulous!!!!!

Suburban Charm said...

I am heading to my parents' beach house for a week at the end of July and am looking forward to being "unplugged" for the week! Glad you had a wonderful vacation!


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