Monday, August 5, 2013


I love John Mayer. I mean, I guess that's not much of a revelation considering I am a 23 year old girl. But I really just love his music. I love the lyrics, I love the beats, the funkiness, I just love it. Ok, do you get that I love JM yet ;) ?!

I listen to John a lot on my commute to-work or home from-work considering I have a solid 60 minutes where I am trying to get in or out of the city. One of the songs I listened to recently was "83" and this time I really paid attention to the lyrics. 

Of course, after I listened, I looked up the lyrics/meaning and it really struck a chord with me. You can read the lyrics here. One time, in concert, JM talked about his song, 1983 and said: 
"I wrote this song when I was sitting on the floor somewhere in Georgia. I was playing around on my guitar. This song is about when you're right in the middle...getting old is like getting on a boat and leaving the harbor you know, and it's like cool, I see where I'm at, cool I know where I am, I was there, now I'm here. But at a certain age it's just all water everywhere 'cause you haven't reached your destination and you're still so far way from where you left. I just remember feeling stranded and writing this song, and wanting to go back in time to 1983"
The way he describes getting "old" is kind of exactly how I feel. I don't exactly feel stranded as he describes it, in fact, I actually feel pretty put together and grounded. Growing up isn't easy but it's a pretty fun journey. It's weird that there are so many years behind you but even more ahead of you. 

The thought is thrilling, really. 

Although I am growing up, in my mind,  I still don't consider myself a "grown up". That's kind of what I think John  meant by feeling "stranded". It's like, when you are in your early 20's, you are stuck between being a child and a grown adult. I do so many adult things in my day-to-day life like pay bills, drive to work and go out for happy hour, but then again, I have a major crush on Harry Styles and my favorite snack is blow pops. Ok, so I'm a little nutty, but John is an eloquent man and I think he was onto something with his song, 1983. 

Have you heard 1983? Besides having some lyrics that hit home, it's an excellent song! Is there a certain song that you have been identifying with recently? Have a fabulous day! 

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Haley said...

I love John Mayer too, but something you said in this post really made me love this song so much more. Also, I connected on a deep level to being in your twenties with a Harry Styles crush and love of blow pops haha xx


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