Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bow Slippers

I am loving the look of these velvet slippers. I have a pair of deep brown velvet slippers from Ralph Lauren but these are dressier and fabulous for the holiday season (did I really just bring that up?!). Of course Valentino knows their bows and makes a luxe shoe, but the Kate Spade version is almost as perfect and for $500 less, I think it'll do! 

I have written posts in the past how I am not a "shoe girl", but I think I am starting to get into them. I notice that because of my job, I am wearing more heels. I used to be a "flats all the time" person but I get a boost of confidence when throwing on a fab pair of heels. Browse the widget below for some of my favorite heels:

Have a fabulous day! 


Hunter said...

Absolutely love those shoes!


Katherine said...

All of your picks are fab! I need to buy some new shoes for fall!


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