Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Finds

Bow Pumps/ Tan Bag/ Body Cream/ Bracelets/Glasses/ Tennis Shoes

Just a few of my favorites from around the net this week. I've been trying hard not to shop but it's sooo hard to resist sometimes! I have the above glasses and am thinking about getting another pair- I've gotten used to this pair and wear them quite often. Do you have a favorite brand/style of glasses? 

I've also been looking for a beautiful leather tote as my 'commuter' bag to put things like my lunch/water bottle in during the week. I love the color and shape of the above Bendel''s bag. I am open to suggestions! Have a fabulous day!



Violet Clouds said...

I love having tortoiseshell glasses. My last pair were from Oakley and my current pair are Anna Sui.

Hunter said...

Great finds! I love those bow pumps!

prep on a Budget

Lauren said...

Loving the glasses and the bracelets!


FourSistersBlog said...

That Bendel's bag is gorgeous! Immediately going on my lust list! Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

Have you considered the Dagne Dover tote? I think it's backordered now, but I've watched the videos and I would LOVE to have one. I have a nice "bottom-less pit" tote by Coach -- the Candace carryall. I also have the Christie by Coach when I want a little more organization structure. I'm sure whatever you pick will be wonderful.

Alexandra Aimee said...

GREAT bracelets! Just the right amount of sparkle.

-- Alex at Brainy Girls Beauty

Her Preppiness said...

Love your finds


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