Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Storage Suggestions

Lately, I have been looking for storage options because truthfully, I have too much stuff. I came across these beautiful Kate Spade boxes and instantly fell in love. I love that these aren't an eyesore and can be stored out in the open while still looking clean and pretty. The only issue is that they don't come in the color scheme of my room (navy + white). Ohhh Kate, please come out with other color options!! What are your favorite storage and organization tips and tricks? Have a fabulous day! 



Christine @ Suburban Charm said...

Adorable but those would not work with my color scheme either! I have some beautiful fabric covered boxed trimmed with grosgrain ribbon that I love but the company went out of business and I have not found anything to replace them!

Seersucker Sass said...

I am so glad that you posted this! My office is inspired by Kate Spade, so these are perfect, especially with the storage woes that I have been having lately. I have added these to my wishlist :)

Lauren said...

Those boxes are great for storage! Love them!


Anonymous said...

Make your own!

hannah goodman said...

The best organization tip I have ever heard is this: Put like things together. This sounds so condescending to tell people and you would think it is intuitive, but it really changes the way you organize things! A master organizer told me this about 2 years ago. Once I started using this, things were not just organized, but also orderly!

I have purchased/DIY'd boxes for storage before and although they are beautiful and seem like great ideas, they are never quite as functional as I anticipated. I would think about the purpose and what will go in them before investing. If it is something you grab on the way out the door or use every day, I wouldn't use a storage box.

Elizabeth said...

Scout makes really great collapsable storage boxes that come in a lot of different patterns and colors. The material makes them really easy to clean, too. I have a bunch in all different sizes and keep them everywhere - from the smallest on my bathroom counter to the biggest one in the back of my car.


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