Monday, February 24, 2014

Tipped Blazer

I am not a huge J. Crew factory shopper because 99% of the time, the quality is so poor, but this blazer is just one of those things I am absolutely coveting for spring/summer. Have you found some pretty, quality pieces at J. Crew factory? Have a fabulous day! 



Cara B said...

Love this! and I agree the quality from the Factory store isn't the best, especially the chino shorts and some jewelry. I got their version of the Majesty Pea Coat this year and I've been really happy with it though!

Alexandra Aimee said...

Agreed. I have avoided virtually all factory/outlet shopping since learning about a year ago that they almost always use cheaper materials than the store. And, I find that if you avidly watch sales you can usually score a J. Crew whatever for about the same price as a J. Crew factory whatever made with cheaper materials. But, this blazer is lovely. It might be worth going for!

-- Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about factory pieces... you can definitely tell the difference between factory and retail, but I'll admit that there are a few pieces that have lasted more than 5 washings! I recently purchased a couple of scarves from the newer arrival prints -- I got on in the medallion print and the cute little bird print. These two prints come in skirt, shorts and pants forms, but a scarf is plenty enough print for me!

Pretty Officer Kidd

Lindsey said...

I actually have had great luck with J. Crew Factory. I don't know if I would compare the quality to J. Crew, but almost everything I have from there has held up well. I love this blazer - definitely perfect for the upcoming spring months!


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