Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday Snaps

First of all, I have to wish my bestie, Lauren, a very happy 24th birthday... we're only 2 days apart, crazy! Love you lots, LER! 

I've been living off of the sushi at Whole Foods lately. SO yummy! I also tried the Illy canned espresso-- not incredible, but it'll do in a pinch ;)

Pickle Martinis at Soba in Shadyside are THE BEST. It's basically just pickle juice and gin. I love them. 

Dried okra from Fresh Market. Everyone thinks I'm nuts when they see me munching on this, but they're delish. 

I went to Nordstrom Cafe last weekend and forgot how amazing their food is. Even their coffee is good! 

Crewcuts had a crown headband. Not going to lie, I seriously contemplated getting it... 

Sephora had a 15% off sale last week. I used it as my excuse to pick up my new favorite lipgloss (place vendome). 

Have a fabulous day!



Christine said...

Thanks for sharing! You always look so fabulous!

preppylove said...

you look precious in all of these!!

hannah goodman said...

Love that lipgloss! I'll have to try it

Lauren Plate said...

Such adorable pictures!! I love the Soba Dirty Pickle martini. I live only a couple blocks from SOBA so we are always popping in for their delicious drinks.

Heather said...

A crown headband fit for any zeta! ZLAM!


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