Friday, May 9, 2014

Blanky Saga Part 3

'Now Woody, he's been my pal for as long as I can remember. He's brave like a cowboy should be. And kind and smart. But the things that makes Woody special is that he'll never give up on you, ever. He'll be there for you no matter what.'
The other night ABC Family played Toy Story 3, which really inspired this post. As a 90's baby, I grew up on Toy Story. The first came out when I was 5, the second when I was 9 and then the third when I was 20. 
I can't remember the first time I saw Toy Story, but I can remember the first time I saw Toy Story 2. I was 9 years old and I went with my Aunt and Grandma. Whenever my parents would have a date night, my grandma and aunt would watch us. Usually it was a Saturday and we would go shopping, to church and then somewhere for dinner. Well, this time we went and saw a movie and I remember us all loving the movie. After the movie had ended, I remember my aunt and grandma took cCm and I to get our own Jesse dolls. My grandma is no longer with us, but I am so thankful to have such fond memories like the one I have shared today.
Every time I watch the end scene in Toy Story, I shed some tears. I mean truly, how can you not? This reminded me of a post that I have done in the past about my blanky. With all of the posts on social media about graduation, it's brought out nostalgic feelings (I mean have you read this article?! It is so spot on). If you haven't read 2010's or 2012's, blanky post I will bring you up to speed. I have had my 'blanky' for 24 years and counting, now. My blanky is my Woody. And it just so happens (unplanned) that I write about it every two years. 
It's a funny thing, growing up. I realize, now, that my blanky is just an inanimate object; but it's funny to think at one point in my life, I literally would have almost died without it. But even so, now at 24 years old, as trivial and ridiculous as it sounds, I will keep my blanky until it literally disintegrates into nothing. Now it is more of a symbol, something that has literally passed through the entirety of my lifetime with me thus far. There is actually a term for this called 'essentialism'.
On Summer Wind, I write a lot about fashion and my lifestyle. These are topics that sometimes cannot resonate with everyone. But I think this post and the end scene from Toy Story 3 can resonate with most everyone. Everyone grows up. It's wonderful and scary all at the same time.
My blanket has survived my awkward middle school years, my high school graduation, college graduation and now that I am a full grown adult,  it still sits on my bed. It's not exactly recognizable as a blanky-- it's just more of a ball of tangled fabric but it's all the same to me. It's one of those things that I don't always realize is there, but just always is. 
It all sounds so ridiculous, but I'll be back in 2016 with another blanky update ;) It's amazing how much changes in just two years, isn's it? I can only imagine what life will be like in 2016! Do you still have your blanky or stuffed animal from your childhood? I know a lot of my friends still have their blankies and cCm has hers, too! Have a fabulous day! 


PortuguesePrepster said...

This post alone makes me tear up! I still have a blanky and stuffed animals! I'm so attached.

hannah goodman said...

I can so relate...I'm the same age and have had Lamby the stuffed animal lamb since I was born. However, Lamby is older than I am - Lamby was my brother's and he gave her to me when I was born! Lamby is crushed into the perfect snuggling position and has been there for me through it all.

When Lamby started to disintegrate (probably around 9th grade) I put her on a special shelf. My mom recommended this so I could still look at her and she could "watch over" me. Writing this out seems so silly, but it's amazing how much a simple childhood object can really mean!!!

In order to preserve blanky, you could incorporate it into a quilt or even frame it!

3 Peanuts said...

I am 46 and I still have my stuffed bear from childhood and yes when I need is there for me, ALl of my kids have a blanky and they all still have them (even the almost 17 year old!)


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