Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Best Pullovers

I think most people wouldn't take me as a sweatshirt girl... I'm usually always pretty dressed up, but really, sweatshirts are my absolute favorite. I, obviously, wear them a lot more in the fall, winter and spring but even in the summer, I gravitate towards them-- especially when the air is on high. I don't love how casual and frumpy sweatshirts can be, but I have a few favorites that I wear frequently and that I would wear outside of the house. 
Borrowed from the boys
These are the best in my book. Not necessarily something you would wear out when you need to look nice (obvi) but the coziest of them all. There's something to be said about a well tailored outfit, but sometimes, oversized is the way to go. I'm all about a guy's sweatshirt and nike shorts when going on weekend morning coffee runs... also men's cashmere cable knits + leggings in the winter is like my uniform. So. Comfortable. 

Cashmere Sweatshirts
I have a few of these and they might get the most wear out of anything else in my closet. I wear them over bathings suits when it gets a little chilly, with shorts in the early fall, under a vest in the winter and often with my pjs. I haven't tried Everlane's version, yet, but they offer a $60 option that's a cotton + cashmere blend... it looks perfect for lazy Sunday mornings. 

College/Sorority/Vacation Sweatshirt
I wear my JMU and ZTA crewneck sweatshirts all. the. time. Super comfortable and they remind me of my college years! You've also got to have that one sweatshirt that you've had for years and years of your favorite place to vacation. Plus, the more you wash it, the cozier it gets. 

Patagonia Snap-T (better sweater is on sale!)
Hands down my favorite of all time in the winter months. I live in this in the winter... as soon as I get home from work, I hop into this. Sometimes I'll even sleep in it. It's also great for crisp morning coffee runs in the fall and perfect for skiing. It comes in 2 fabrics: re-tool and synchilla... I always choose the synchilla which, to me, is the softer and warmer version. 

Skipper Popover 
This one is just tons of fun. So many colors... definitely reserved for the warmer summer months, this is great with white shorts or to be thrown on over a bathing suit. I also think it pairs great with a fresh bronze tan! 

Shep Shirt 
This is my go-to when I want to be comfortable but also still look put together . This is a similar style to the Patagonia Snap-T, but because of the fit and structure, it's a more put together option. I love throwing these on over oxford cloth button downs. I wear mine as if it were season-less. 

What are your go-to pullovers? Have a fabulous day! 


Portuguese Prepster said...

I've totally slept in my patagonia before too...it's my favorite thing!

shotclocksandgirltalk said...

I love sweatshirts! I’m totally obsessed. I seriously have a problem with buying so many! My favorites are my VV Shep shirt and my mom’s Purdue crewneck sweatshirt that she wore as a student.

Nathalie Van Hauwe said...

I love shepshirts!! xo


Christine said...

I adore my patagonias! They're so comfy and the best during winter.

Anonymous said...

I love your oversized sweater look! What size men's sweater do you wear?

Makeshift Munch said...

the men's southern proper is my favorite-----I love it for the library!

Makeshift Munch

Claire said...

I agree wholeheartedly! I come home most days and (because the AC is always freezing our house) have to pull on a sweatshirt. My faves are my college (has to be sans hood) sweatshirt, shep shirt, and skipper popover (new to my wardrobe and loving it)!


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