Friday, August 22, 2014


I saw this great photo on Larrimor's (a fabulous boutique in Pittsburgh) Facebook page and knew I had to share! A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Exactly. This is why you should have your clothes tailored to fit you. I have written in the past how I visit the tailor often... I don't take everything, but important pieces like dresses, skirts, etc. It truly makes a difference, doesn't it?!

After thinking about how much I love getting things tailored, It made me think to write about how I buy certain pieces of clothing in multiple sizes. 

For example: I buy multiple sizes in cable knit sweaters and button down shirts. Sometimes I get a men's small. Sometimes I get a slim fit women's size 2 or sometimes I'll get the classic fit in a size 6... it all depends on the 'look' I'm going for. I love oversized cables with skinny jeans and loafers, but I also like them thrown over my shoulders. As for the button downs-- I wear them as tunics, coverups, sleep shirts, etc. My favorite is pairing an oversized oxford with leggings and flats. I think it is simple and chic. With that look, I wear a men's extra small for the extra length. 

This is a great article from the WSJ about tailoring. Definitely a must read if you are not sure what to ask for when you go to the tailor!

You can literally get anything tailored but I think the most important things are pants and dresses. I would also suggest to get a crisp white button down and have it tailored to your body-- you can get a custom made shirt, but this is the less pricey way to go about it! Do you often tailor pieces in your wardrobe? Have any tips? Have a fabulous day! 



Gabriela said...

Really informative WSJ piece! I've only had a few items of clothing tailored, but I always say I should get items done more. 90% of retailers don't fit my body perfectly, so I can see where the investment is with expensive items!

Sidney P. said...

Hey Sydney,

Can you recommend a quality pair of leggings? I'm looking for a nice pair that's not too thin that they will fall apart or become transparent when stretched.

preppylove said...

Wow that top picture really shows what a difference it makes! Amazing!


Summer Wind said...

Sidney- the JCrew pixi pant is my favorite legging! Very substantial and definitely not see through!

Vi Nguyen said...

I recently hauled a pile of clothing to the tailors and wow what a difference it makes! As a petite person, I know first hand how clothing does not fit me off the rack. After seeing what a great job my tailor did with one particular dress (so much had to be taken in) I will have to bring more pieces in!

NotJessFashion said...

Tailoring really makes a world of a difference. Fit is everything!

Barbara Shea said...

I just gathered a bunch of fall items to take to the tailor this afternoon- perfect timing for this post!! I agree with you completely that it makes a world of difference to have your clothes tailored to your body. It has taken me a while to FIND a good tailor I can trust since moving to Boston, but the end result will be worth the wait! Enjoy the last few days of summer! Xx


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