Monday, September 1, 2014

Sleep Update

Sleep Mask found on Etsy!
Remember this post? Can you believe that was SIX months ago? No, neither can I. It's really true, time flies. I thought I would give an update of sorts because I'm still struggling... a little. 

So I used to go to bed at 1:30am (and wake up at 6:45am, ew) and I've gotten a lot better since then. I am now going to bed around midnight... ironically, as I type this post, it is 12:10am. So most of the time I get to bed around midnight. Most. Preferably, my goal would be to be in bed with the lights out at 11pm. I guess I'm not that far off, but it seems hard!

So here is what I am asking you: How do you balance a full time job (40++ hrs) and an extracurricular, whether it be a sport, blogging, part time job, taking care of children, etc. I feel like I come home from work drowning in e-mails and to-do lists when it comes to Summer Wind... it's definitely overwhelming, but I love it (so much) and I have tons of motivation to get it all done, and then midnight hits and I have to force myself to shut it down! I always think... just one more e-mail, just one more e-mail and then look at the clock and freak. 

How do you stick to a schedule? I want my beauty rest and the ability to answer all of my e-mails/cross everything off my to-do list! Starting to think I should try and grow another arm... hoping there is a better option... Part of the reason I love Summer Wind so much is the community-- people sharing tips, tricks, advice, etc... so let's hear it! Have a fabulous day!


Rachel Thelen said...

Hello! First of all I just want to say how much I enjoy reading your blog! I find that I sometimes stuggle with going to bed at a good time too. Maybe you already do this, but pick out your outfits for the week days each Sunday. This will save you at least 15 minutes each morning. I know you feel stressed by answering all the awesome e-mails you get from summer wind. Maybe instead of answering e-mails each night, work on them every other night. Summer Wind readers are not going to be upset if they don't hear back the same day.

Kyla Currier said...

I've been struggling with a consistent sleep schedule also! I generally fall asleep around midnight and have to wake up at 5:55AM, ugh. But lately I have been doing much better, I try to be in bed with my laptop by 8 so I can finish blogging/emailing. If I see that it's 10 I shut the laptop off and either watch tv or try to read. Its all about time management.

xoxo, Kyla

SMT said...

9-1-14 The new layout of your blog is nice and refreshing, keep up the great work - it's always a treat to see your latest posts!

Anonymous said...

Balancing classes, work, health, and hobbies is especially hard for me, but I've found that forcing myself to shut down all my electronics and get into bed by eleven helps. I like to keep email on my phone so that when I'm waiting at the doctor's office, for class to start, or for the traffic to break up, I can answer some emails really quickly. I also love making a two-sided list: one side for must do's and one side for should do's. This helps me prioritize and still gives me the feeling of crossing something off of a to-do list. Lastly, I love to set timers on my phone for five or ten minutes. I cram and go in overdrive to make sure everything I can do gets done between the time I started and the time the buzzer goes off. I find that dedicating ten full, focused minutes is much easier than dragging tasks out. (I usually set my ten-minute timer at about ten o'clock, because that's when I find myself starting to fall behind)

Jhana said...

First off, your blog has become a new addiction of mine! I definitely have felt a similar way being so overwhelmed at times. As someone who also works 40+ hours a week while trying to keep a consistent gym schedule, an active social life, and fit in time for blogging/reading/extras - it was definitely tough.

I have found ways to "kill two birds with one stone" as you might say that have helped me tremendously!

-I set my alarm 15-20 minutes earlier than I need to during the work week to lay in bed, put on some music, check my favorite news/gossip site (daily mail ha) and write out 5 things I NEED to get done that day, in the order of most important to least important. Seeing it all out in front of me helps lessen my anxiety.

-On my lunch, I go to spin classes at my gym. This way, I don't have to sacrifice sleep or worry about fitting it exercise in after work.

-Saturday mornings are my to-do time. I allow myself to sleep in an hour and a half longer than my weekly alarm and then I put on some music, throw in a hair mask and clean, grocery shop, get all of the "adult duties" out of the way so I can enjoy my Saturday day/night with friends/family etc.

-Sunday is a day I relax, visit with friends, and plan out blog posts for the week (this is something I just started). I then schedule them to go live during the week so if I don't have time to write something that day, I know I'll be able to get something up!

-Once a month, I search Groupon for the best deal for massages, pedicures, and facials. I dedicate one morning a month (usually a Saturday after I get my chores done) to go to heated yoga and then continue on to get pampered. It really helps to clear my head and it always gives me something to look forward to!

Hope one or more of these will be helpful !


Anonymous said...

Hello - I work full-time as a PR agency exec and also have a four year old son and commitments to his school and my community. I go to bed by 10PM and I wake up at 5am each day. The way I've been successful is by having a routine and prioritizing. (ex. workout in morning; prepare schedule of dinners for the week; make my son's lunch the night before, etc.)

Everyone in my office knows I must leave the office by 5pm so that I can pick my son up from school. With DC traffic that means an hour or so to get to his school.

Once I pick up my son (or if my husband does it) until he goes to bed (8PM) I am completely present with my family and my iPhone, ipad and other devices are off.

I then pick up again to check emails or catch up on work. There are some nights I'm great about getting to bed at 10pm other times it is challenging.

I imagine your life is full and your cup runneth over! This is a good problem for us to have. But you'll drive yourself crazy if you think you'll ALWAYS be able to accomplish EVERYTHING on your list. Prioritization is key.

miss andrea lee said...

I juggle a lot too. I have to be at work at 7am and usually don't leave until 5. During the day I try to get exersise in by brisk walking outside with some friends/co-workers. I run errands on my lunch break. On Sundays I make lunch salads for the week. After work I rush home to make the hubby dinner. Then most days I have either a happy hour/junior league meeting/golf group/book club or some other commitment to go to (6:00-8:00pm). Since im the publications chair in the junior league and we are responsible for our quarterly magazine, biweekly newsletter and eblasts I'm constantly answering emails. I try to answer in the bathroom at work (seriously) during the day otherwise I just wouldn't have time. I try to spend just another hour or so each evening answering emails and playing around on social media and then spending more time with husband (we like to exercise together/do yoga too). I don't plan blog posts, I just write them as I have time and as the ideas come (obvi why my blog isn't that great- I still love the creavtivy but it's my lowest priorty). It's exhasting, but I have to remember that I choose to take it all on, that it's all something I enjoy doing, but some days I just cancel it all and come home from work and take a long nap. I try to pick out my outfits in the evening and I'm always in bed by 11 :)


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